13 iOS will notify when and why do apps are watching you

Question users ‘ privacy, it seems, has always stood for the modern Apple in the first place. In Cupertino every effort to ensure the safety of our data, taking as transparent as possible the policy of using user information collected was kept to a minimum. Another thing – the developers of third party applications applied to our data is not as carefully. But with the release of iOS 13 they will have less chance to lead us to the hidden surveillance.

IOS 13 will be a special mechanism that will record cases of tracking of users third-party applications and to inform them about it. For example, if the application is a taxi aggregator will continue to monitor you after the trip, iOS 13 will understand this and will display a notification with the possibility to prohibit tracking.

How do you know that the app is following

And so the user had to know whether to disable the tracking, the app will explain why it fixes it move at the moment. However, this duty already falls on the developer who is going to give a logical explanation for the actions you create. After all, suspecting the deceit, the user will be able to permanently ban him to keep track of their movements, or worse, to remove it from your device.

Additionally, iOS 13 will offer users a broader range of system settings privileges. They will allow advanced usage scenarios that are not offered in previous versions of the operating system. So, users will be able to allow the installed program to access the requested privileges only at the next start, then after that she will have to request them again. This is done on a case BY used rare, but theoretically may collect sensitive information in the background.

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