13 test the keyboard computer Mac to determine the best use to buy apps Dock

If you like keyboard shortcuts to navigate between Safari or Mail or the Finder on your Mac, this list is dedicated to you. Here is a collection of keyboard shortcuts that help you navigate quickly through the application bar Dock and the applications contained therein.

13 test the keyboard computer Mac to determine the best use for apps and the Dock

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Keyboard shortcuts bar Dock general

  1. Minimize the front window: Command + M
  2. Hide or show the application bar: Option + Command + D
  3. Add the selected item in the Finder to the application bar: Control + Shift + Command + T
  4. The list of Dock: Right-click or press Control and click on the interval bar in the Dock

اختصار للوحة مفاتيح حاسب Mac

Keyboard shortcuts that focus on the bar Dock

Once you focus on the application bar and Dock using the shortcut I Below, use the keyboard shortcuts for the remaining development and implementation of the actions inside the tape.

  1. Entry in the application bar: Control + F3
  2. Control within the conditions: left and right arrow keys
  3. Open list of terms: key arrow up (like right-clicking with the right mouse button or Control-click)
  4. Open the menu Force Quit: hold down the Option key and use the Up arrow key
  5. Open the application specified in the tape: press the button to Return
  6. Scroll to a specific application in the Dock (the first letter of the name of the app): tap the character keys
  7. Hide all applications and windows except the application to the Dock specified: Command + Option + Return
  8. Click the selected application to a different location in the Dock: press and hold the Option key and use the arrow keys left and right

اختصار للوحة مفاتيح حاسب Mac

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