130 percent growth of Bitcoin is only the beginning, FOMO is yet to come

Since the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin has gained 130%, global interest is still ambiguous. At least such conclusions can be drawn from queries in Google. According to the data search requests on the world scale barely reach the level of may 2017. So far, the situation remains stable despite the rapid recovery of the coins, during the spring of 2019.

FOMO is yet to come

In the short term there has been growth in the number of queries about Bitcoins. In mid-may 2019 interest in BTC has reached a six-month high, however, since a little sleep. Comparing even to such a strong run Bitcoin this year with a search statistics end of 2017, it is reasonable to assume that the main phase FOMO has not yet begun. The relatively low figures can be explained by the plume from a protracted bear market in the last 18 months.

From the global point of view, the interest may seem low. However, countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Germany and Argentina seem to have went on the offensive.

Fundamentals talking about a long term uptrend

FOMO as the driver of the current bullrun once again indicates greater maturity of the asset compared to previous years. As written by Bitcoinist, technical indicators coins indicate a long term uptrend. Although before a really big breakthrough quite we should expect a few setbacks.

Critics and alarmists, of course, do not stop to argue any break BTC an attempt to lure gullible investors buy at the top. And ardent haters of cryptocurrencies somehow generally silent since then, as the coin exceeded $ 8,000. However, even the major media have begun to reluctantly admit the growth of BTC for 2019.

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