14 review of iOS Beta 1 and impressions from WWDC 2020

We worked until 5 in the morning to tell you about all the fun with the online presentation WWDC 2020, and to set and show the first beta of iOS 14. I, by the way, set it to your main smartphone. Of course, at your own risk, and you also remember about it!

The most interesting WWDC 2020

14 review of iOS Beta 1

14 non-obvious features of iOS 14 Beta 1

The video has all the most important thing, but small things go a little bit later. I’ll just share impressions about the presentation as individual stories about all of the announcements already.

I try to be impartial, but how cool Apple held a presentation! As far as cosmic scale production showed us. But most importantly, the wrapper was not dust in the eyes, because the content was worthy. 14 iOS and iPad OS 14 has brought many changes, both large: widgets, new dialer, gallery apps working with desktops, translator and so on; and small: the adjustment of the taps on the back, an updated camera, a redesign of many apps, and more.

Mac OS Big Sur – the biggest change Makosi over the years. Reworked the interface, and seriously, added control-center and much more. About it we’ll make video, watch.

Apple showed not just a plan for the future – the transition to the desktop processor of its own production ARM-based, Apple Silicon, but also made clear that this is the immediate prospect. DevKit on the basis of the Mac Mini with Apple A12Z Bionic is already available for purchase, so developers started to work. I hope with the percent for Apple computers is all it will be as good as in the case of mobile devices.

Can’t leave aside our team, which is a single entity consistently worked for this event to the maximum. Stream we did, because that would have gotten the ban, like many others, but! Roma spent just a gorgeous stream with our Twitter, follow:

Victor filmed and edited an awesome video about the most interesting WWDC 2020 and we published it at 2am 🙂 And I then also review iOS 14 up to 3 hours shooting. Jack kept you up to date on the website (support Eugene commentary, he will be happy 🙂 and Sasha entertained our Instagramaudience alive stories. That’s what it means to the team, thank you!

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