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Of the most important characteristic of IP devices-iPhone and iOS system is the simplicity and ease of use. Once you buy the phone you can set it up without looking at the instructions. Many of us know the General settings of the famous Docking-iPhone covers for some of the other settings important can it unnoticed without stopping when the rate of interest that prepared her. So the fear of manipulation by the Vickers harm him and his phone wit her as she is. This course is an extension to earlier addressed the most important advantages of the settings of the iPhone to the network and detail, in order to identify both small and Large on this device which is between our hands and break the myth “that the iPhone is not protected by the only smart people” the difficulty of understanding its settings and adjust it, and it is in fact easy and simple. Here’s a bunch of these settings.

◉ Look at notifications at the moment

If you are using the iPhone 6s or the latest it is through the lift to wake up you can use this feature. Simply lift up the phone you will notice will be the phone off to adjust this setting through Settings – Display and lighting – and then did the lifting for him.

◉ To give priority to some downloads

You update more than one application at one time? And want to work on the application of them? You can tell the iPhone for any conversions that you want first. This setting is very important in the case of the preparation of your phone for the first time and the backup. You can adjust this setting through the screen of the iPhone main find the application that you want to download it first and then click the 3D Touch on the app then give priority to download from the list of options.

◉ Change the density of the Scout

Indispensable for any of the scouts in his phone. Apple has introduced improvements to the Scout in iOS 11 where you can choose between three levels of lighting scouts. This setting is through the center of the control and then prolonged pressure or by using a 3D Touch on the icon to SCout and choose the level of lighting.

◉ Enable QR code QR

Apple has to integrate scanner codes QR with the camera application. You can do it via settings – camera – did the option to scan for QR codes through the camera, you can photograph the code and then you’ll see a notification at the top of the app click on it and Go directly to the site of the Ad Hoc code. See our article on QR from this link.

◉ Delete unused apps

You can save space on your phone by getting rid of some of the apps that you downloaded and passed on it at the time without to use. Apple has provided a feature in iOS 11, which removes the application while retaining the data at the same time meaning you can download it when you need all of its data easily by just pressing it. You can adjust this setting through Settings – General – storage space iPhone – tap the app – then remove the app.

◉ Take a picture quickly

When it comes to one of us for or see the exciting spectacle and wants to take a picture of this position quickly, before the elapse and shot. Put Apple quick option to meet either a video or a photo or selfie or even style slow. All that you can do through the use of 3D Touch to the camera application and choose the appropriate mode will be with you very quickly. Where Apple has reduce the load of the other options even provide you the proper speed.

◉ Find the anime you want, quickly

Instead of searching for the image regions between the dozens of emoji you can find the anime to be way faster by turning the word into an image. What you only have to write a sentence and then pressing on anymore and all the words that don’t image in Orange. Click on the Word will be above all the faces that reflect them, select the anime is appropriate and will replace the dog.

◉ Search through the tabs, and Safari

You open many pages in Safari and wanted to return to a specific page? Sure you will by clicking twice on the button home and then looking at each page individually. There is no faster way probably do not know the other. A search on these pages or tabs a lot. All you have to do is make the phone Landscape and press the “boxes” in the left of the screen then you’ll see all the tabs on the body boxes above the search box.

◉ Change the quality of the filming video

Want to export high-quality 4K like? You got it, but I know that it will affect the distance of your phone. If a short film is fine. Go to Settings – camera – recording video – select the quality you want.

◉ Analysis of Wi-Fi vulnerable to phone data.

Tell your phone switches to mobile data if wifi is weak. Through settings – cellular – scroll down to the bottom of the list – do assistant Wi-Fi.

◉ Specify a specific time to turn off the music

Many sleep on the Qur’an or listening to a lecture or sermon or otherwise before sleep, then turn it off to sleep and your phone works, maybe into the morning. Become has carried out his cards and doesn’t have time to charge it before I go to work. Can I set a certain time is to turn off the music? Yes, you can. Run the audio to – and then open the temporary – select the appropriate time – then press “upon the expiration of the music”, and scroll down to the bottom of the menu you’ll find the option “turn off music” click on it and it will turn off music in the time you specified – don’t forget to click on Start. See our previous article about this feature through this link.

◉ Reply to incoming calls with a message from you set up

You are busy and did not respond to the calls coming in? You can adjust the message in advance how you want so that you send time to be busy instead of answering. Go to Settings – Phone – reply with message – you can edit the message what you want.

◉ Your feedback in complete safety

The application notes of the important applications in the phone, you can save all your data ist numbers, passwords, account numbers etc. on the application notes password. So definitely more secure than third party apps. You can do that through the settings – notes – password – enable Touch ID and then reset your password. After that go to the notes application and using a 3D Touch on the note, then drag up, you’ll find the option of lock note. And you can do it the other way through the clouds on the right or the left, by the language of the phone pressing the lock.

◉ Type instructions to Siri instead of talking to him.

I wanted to give instructions to Siri, but you somewhere and you can talk with Siri, you can write instead of speak. Go to Settings – accessibility – Siri – and then did the option to write to Siri once you summon Siri you’ll see the keyboard and write to Siri. So you can talk with Siri or write with him or her.

◉ Reduce the size of the notifications

Show notification details on the screen, you can learn the content of the notice through the information shortcut phenomenon with him. If you are interested in privacy and want to prevent the appearance of this information with notifications go to Settings – notifications – show the data – select absolute, to prevent the emergence of the information associated with the notification.

Any previous settings are the most useful? If when you set up useful we don’t know we shared it in the comments.

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