$ 15 trillion expected returns to invest in artificial intelligence during the years 12 next

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Co Omar bin Sultan of scientists the Minister of State for artificial intelligence, in a seminar organized by the Ministry of Culture and titled “artificial intelligence: a revolution or a fortune?”, the As part of the events organized by the UAE Pavilion in Riyadh International Book Fair.

He thanked the scientists during the symposium the organization to address the Riyadh International Book Fair on selected the UAE to be guest of honor of the exhibition, noted because this selection clearly confirms the depth of the brotherly relations solid and firm between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE as a role model in bilateral relations on the regional and global level.

Recognized scientists highlighted during the Symposium on the importance of artificial intelligence and its applications as key to building a sustainable future for the well-being of people and supports the efforts of the economic and social development, spoke about the need to build artificial intelligence in the development strategies, medium and long term in the region, until these countries catch up with developed countries, noting in this regard that will help achieve achievements in the area of applications of artificial intelligence represents an opportunity should States in the Region invested optimally.

Reviewed scientists during the symposium a number of examples of application of multiple Intelligence artificial in our everyday lives, the addition of a number of projects developed by major global companies such as companies with leadership, and programmes falling rocket, and a personal assistant in the mobile phone, and IT staff, the robots advanced. He also emphasized that these applications and others will contribute to the changing patterns of human life typically, therefore, governments adapt rapidly with these developments to ensure the prosperity and happiness of its peoples.

And scientists during the seminar on the UAE adopted the concept of artificial intelligence’s strategies and the future state in different sectors, arguing that the special attention being given to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the intelligence of artificial intelligence and its role in achieving development which is reflected in the saying of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: “artificial intelligence is the new fashion after the smart government that will need our services”.

And, the Symposium of the importance of investment in artificial intelligence and applications, where browse Omar bin Sultan scientists expected returns from investment in this area over the years, 12 The Next and up to about 15 trillion dollars, the economic return anticipated for the region to 1.18 trillion rials.

The symposium focused on the expected impacts of cool artificial intelligence trust fourth industrial on the job market, where forecasts indicate that artificial intelligence will provide 10 million new jobs over the medium term, but with the change in the nature of the shape functions which will be 74 percent of current jobs.

Explained Omar bin Sultan of scientists that know these facts and figures are necessary at the state level and author of the resolution, so the development of strategies of Education and professional qualification commensurate with the future needs of the state, especially Arab states, which exceed the number of young people 108 million young people, and they are a fortune, a real human can be the backbone of the and if they are prepared to deal with the challenges of the times.

Recall that the Ministry of Culture and information has organized many seminars and events on the sidelines of the participation of the state as a guest of honor at the Riyadh International Book Fair, and included activities that were organized cultural events, seminars, reviewed the cultural Renaissance and Social in the UAE, and the fraternal relations between the kingdom and the UAE and ways of enhancing them in various fields.

$ 15 trillion expected returns to invest in artificial intelligence during the years 12 next

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