16 elements of the design shows attention to Apple’s amazing to detail

He was always thoughtful design is the crux of the development of Apple products. Steve Jobs was especially keen to making products clean and friendly, and above all easy to use. As Steve Jobs said, according to Smithsonian, “if it takes a lot of hard work to make something simple”, as it was the interest of Apple to detail is always present, from the way in which the closure of the box wireless speaker, to open the laptop with one finger of.

The following are the design elements favorite that justify the interest of the company in detail.

The way in which the closed cans headset AirPods

Did you ever notice how close the pack of the sky as soon as the click of a snack? Or skid the sky itself when dropped in the hole special with it? Said Jonathan Ive, senior design famous company Apple, if these details have been studied carefully during the design process.

Lighting sleep

Enjoy your Apple a patent dating back to 2002 about the indicator LED need device. Describe the patent lighting that indicates that the laptop is in sleep mode, which maintains the rhythm of development, so that the lighting suggests that the computer is asleep, for example, and also humans.

Siri and hear your voice.

When using the assistant Siri on computers Mac, driving the operating system will automatically slow down the speed of the internal fan to be able to technical to hear your voice better.

Button Scout changes start or stop it.

The next time you use the feature to scout in the iPhone on your own, take a closer look at the button traditional inside the lamp itself, that little button that moves to the operating mode when operating, and off when you finish using the Boy Scouts.

Monitoring the movement of the sun in real time in the map

If you select the satellite view in the Maps application Apple TV and zoom the map to show the globe in full, you’ll be able to see the light of the sun during its movement in real-time across the land.

The way you change battery Apple TV digital colors based on the spending habits of your

If you get a card Apple credit card digital, you might notice that the digital version in the app on the smart phone changes its color, because these colors on the card are designed to fit with the habits of your spending, so that will show purchases of food and drink in Orange, while the pink color development.

Deflection of the appendages of glass in building Apple TV to avoid the rain

Is the headquarters of the company, the new Apple TV which was inaugurated in 2017 is a great testament to the versatility of the design company, such as any of the products by the consumer. The company took a great care to change in detail the appearance of the new building, where the appendages of the circular has been designed this way on purpose so that the drainage of the rain water smoothly rather than to gather in the ceilings, especially that of early glass.

Button the Caps Lock smartphone

Try clicking the light on Caps Lock on a laptop from Apple, you may notice that nothing happens. This is because the Caps Lock will not start to if you push prolonged, which is a precaution to avoid the clicks are unintentional.

Flowers that bloom on the Apple Watch

Animated backgrounds in the smart time of Apple TV is not created digitally, it is a real photo. She spent hundreds of hour in photographing flowers bloom with the passage of time to create these backgrounds for speed, and it took 285 hours, more than 24,000 clips.

Gloss that guides you

In older versions of the iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad, people have become on the study of the gesture slider to unlock the screen, and the text that appears on the screen dictate to the movement itself, which directs users to scroll in the right direction.

The reason why you sometimes see buttons to accept or reject only when a call is received on iPhone

If you are an owner of an iPhone, you probably noticed that you sometimes see buttons, acceptance and rejection when you receive a phone call, and in some cases, will provide a scroll bar instead. There’s a reason for it, the police know the slider only when the iPhone is locked, so you can scroll to unlock the screen and answer the call at the same time.

The eclipse of the small ‘Do Not Disturb’

When you activate Do Not Disturb in the Control Center on the iPhone, the eclipse of the small through the icon’s happening right before your eyes.

Icons of sound and lighting that responds to the touch of your

The next time that you adjust the brightness or the sound level on the iPhone through your control panel, notice how the change icon properties in response to your touch, so that the icon lighting to fall and it’s similar like the photo.

One finger to open your computer

The design of the Apple laptops own so you can open them with one finger only, thanks to this organization’s own existing in the upper part of the screen.

Cleaning fingerprints

If you want to add a fingerprint or delete it from the iPhone your own, to facilitate the police you identify the fingerprint that you have saved by highlighting the relevant footprint when you put your finger on the button home.

Clock screen infinitely

If you own an Apple Watch, you may notice that the screen looks like infinity, so that the flowers look like jellyfish and butterflies that virtual reality actually appear to float on the screen without borders. This is not a coincidence, so that the screen OLED on the coast make this visual impact possible, the company uses the color of black deeper than that on the screen of the iPhone to create this illusion.

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