18% of personnel are aware of policies and technical security in companies

Security concept

Security concept

Cooperation of companies in all parts of the world lack security awareness, technical staff, revealed a recent study conducted by company Kaspersky to only 18% of employees in the Middle East realize the full security policies of the information technology regulations in the companies where they work.

This poses additional challenges when it comes to developing the right framework for security e-mail, if added to what the study finds that 40% of employees looking to protection from cyber threats as a “shared responsibility ”

The study found that participation of about 8 thousand employees working full-time and put questions of policy and responsibilities relating to the security of information technology companies, to 28% of the workers in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa see that there are no security policies firmly in their company at all.

The study showed more interesting that ignorance of the rules is no excuse, as it is believed about half of the respondents (49%) that all staff, including themselves, must bear the responsibility of protecting the assets of the information technology companies that they work with, from the dangers of cyber threats.

However, the staff doing the opposite of what they think of him at times, as demonstrated the other study of Kaspersky Lab; it was the negligence of the staff caused in the attacks on their company by 55% of the incidents of e-security during the past year.

This could be a development risk to small companies specifically, since there is no function dedicated to the security of information technology, but being the distribution of security responsibilities between the staff of the information technology and their colleagues from non-specialists, what you may know the security of the business and its integrity compromised by the neglect of basic requirements, such as periodic change of passwords or to install the necessary updates.

According to Kaspersky Lab, the senior management and specialists in human and financial resources who have access to important data at their company, they are in general the most at risk of targeting.

Said Vladmir sales head of Department of small and medium enterprises have Kaspersky Lab, the problem of the lack of training of staff may pose a significant challenge, especially in small companies that are still undergoing the development of a culture of cyber-security, added: “not only the risk of cyber threats on the employees themselves, who located them in the Contractor’s commitment to the task of protecting their companies from the risks of those threats, and in this regard, companies should pay to educate the staff paid great attention and use powerful solutions are easy to use and management, and achieving that goal is possible even for those who are not experts in security and Information Technology”.

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