1Password will tell you if your password was hacked

Service 1Password announced the merger with the basis of hacked accounts and passwords HIBP (Have I Been Pwned). This is stated in the official developer blog. From now on, 1Password users will be able not only to store your passwords in a secure location, but check them out — in case of suspicion for tampering.

Service HIBP was created by the eminent expert in the field of cyber security, Troy hunt and at the moment has information about half a billion compromised passwords and accounts. The service analyzes third-party database, allowing its users to follow their account and to obtain only relevant information about her security.

While the HIBP extension is available only in the web version of 1Password, but, according to developers, will soon be added to support applications. To ensure the reliability of your password, you must open your account with 1Password, go to the section and opposite to the previously generated password, press password Check.

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