2 AirPods wireless charging is already in Russia, you can buy 30% cheaper

The most well-known smartphone from Apple, the most famous tablet from Apple, even the most famous headphones and those from Apple. For the average user such fame almost meaningless and sometimes even harmful, because one of the hallmarks of popular devices is the high liquidity. Because it has such gadgets almost do not lose in price during the whole period of his stay in the sale. That’s just AirPods second generation, apparently, are an exception to the General rule, because in just six months, they fell by more than a third.

2 AirPods with support for wireless charging

According to Yandex.Market, at the end of September 2019 AirPods second generation with fullatom for wireless charging are only slightly more than 11 thousand rubles, as against almost 17 thousand at the start. The best offer we could find starts from 11 to 130 rubles.

Grey retail AirPods 2 stand for 6 thousand rubles cheaper than Apple

Apparently, retailers are fighting for the right to sell the cheapest AirPods, because the prices that sellers of the top five are only 10 rubles.

Buy cheap AirPods

However, if you wish, you can save even more if you choose the standard model without support for wireless charging. Prices start from 350 rubles 9 and increase in increments of $ 100. So if you prefer not to buy the cheapest, you will have a choice. However, you need to understand that in this case, to buy a charging case with wireless charging for 1500-2000 rubles will not work, because in free trade, they find quite difficult.

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Where did such a low price? From the same place where iPhone 8 for 30 thousand iPhone and XR 40. To meet such proposals only on the gray market. Sellers of imported equipment from abroad, bypassing the official channels of supply, not only not paying taxes here, but returning the paid sales tax where the product was purchased. All this allows them to set extremely low compared to the official prices, thus attracting many consumers.

Should I buy the grey device

However, without nuance too, was not. The gray devices may not qualify for a two-year warranty service, which relies on the law “On protection of consumer rights”, and in the absence of their city service centers actually lose the Apple warranty in General, because to apply for replacement of damaged or failed devices will be simply no one. However, this is the price you pay for savings, which in some cases can reach 50% of the price in the official retail. And what is more important for you — only you can decide.

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