20 image review capabilities Note 9 shooting

Until the issuance of a comprehensive review for Note 9 for TIC-Foy, offer you a peek at the first samples of the camera of the Samsung flagship to satisfy the ask you for the new technology phones.

Recall that the note of 9 came back with a double accurately 12+12 maps, the main lens enjoy once you see the wide comes languidly variable between f/2.4 in the lighting associated with the F/1.5 in low light and the secondary close-support optical zoom, so twice.

The camera features the capabilities of artificial intelligence and on the ability of scene recognition to adjust the Export Settings appropriate for more than 20 scene hump video different, and don’t forget that the user that changes the Flasher you need and therefore adjusts its settings automatically terminate if the failure of artificial intelligence to identify the scene, and without a further lengthening of the TO YOU A copy of the photo below, it will be accurate and complete on the Google Drive link below.

Images, full-resolution


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