20 media organization in the region to join Snapchat to view their content on the platform

20 مؤسسة إعلامية في المنطقة تنضم إلى سناب شات لعرض محتواها على المنصة

In a move to strengthen its presence in the Arab region in particular and the Middle East in general, announced Snape about the expansion content, which would be the leading media organizations in the region on their application Snapchat after the accession of 20 media organization serves in the region to the East and increase the diversity of content by users of topics that are of interest to them.

Under the cooperation between Snape and media institutions, he published more than 30 series of production and media companies which joined the officer, as there will be many programs such as “Scoob, with Ray” of the MBC program “Tariq Shaw” from Rotana, and the program “Fatafeat” of discovery, in addition to readable content which is produced by the companies and the users within the navigation page the “Discover”.

It will be the content published on the product suitable for application Snapchat and the nature of the show, where it will format the content to fit the vertical screen, with the content of an average 5-minute programmes which fit the story clear and the quality of Presentation High.

Was Snape owns 9 media partners in the region to display content on the navigation page, so when you start putting the water in the region with 2017, two years after the launch in the United States. Now, there are more than 100 partners globally publish their content on the page.

Commented Rami Saad, head of international partnerships of the content in Snapchat, about new partnerships, said: “the Middle East market is active for Snape, in terms of interaction with content, where we have seen an increase of 54% in the time it takes to watch the shows available on the page to Discover from April to September of this year. Given the new offerings that we have, we are sure it will be of interest to users and lovers of Snapchat.”

Included media companies that joined Snape; all of the Abu Dhabi Media Company, TV Now, channel Arab, company, Discovery, DMI, site Goal.com / group before, the Gulf News, magazine is, a group ITP Media site out, the magazine our nights, the location Lulea, site of the Leuven Dubai, MBC Group, set in motion continent, the network of online lifestyle group, Rotana Media Group, will remain, the trend of digital communications, the US by making them grow, Journal of Weiss Arab.

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