200 million users and the development team monthly


Able to apply the Telegram of attracting a large number of users around the world since it was launched the first time, today announced the Russian company responsible for the chat application encrypted it within the thirty days past its use-by team of at least 200 million people.

Along with the announcement of this achievement, issued a Telegram updates to the phones Android andiOS, which brings improvements to the way users can discover new posters.

تحديث تليجرام
Update team

So if you are using the latest version of the Telegram, you’ll be able to take advantage of the search option New, this by scrolling up in the custom stickers.

It is the improvements of other tasks the ability to send multiple images, in addition to receiving more than one image of one of your contacts, also received a copy of the Telegram on the system iOS a new setup to put theAuto-Night, in addition to a large number of other advantages that make it easier to use the app.

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