2019 will be a year full of unusual smartphones

From 2007 to 2017 of any significant changes in the smartphone market occurred. For 10 years, the manufacturers have not submitted something interesting. Every year, increased performance, improved camera Assembly and materials of the buildings. This all features over. In 2018 was presented smartphones with unusual form factors — Oppo Find X and NEX Vivo. Smartphones have a retractable mechanism which, in truth, many are confused, because this solution is not very practical. In 2019, the situation may change with the release of more interesting solutions.

We are talking about MIX Mi 3 and Honor Magic 2. Today, the network appeared the video showing the body Magic 2:

The apparatus repeats MIX 3, which will be presented at this month.

This design is much easier, because there is no risk to break the mechanism, which automatically raises the camera. In MIX 3, and Magic 2 action should be done manually.

And this is just one of the options. I am sure that in 2019 the market will be filled with unusual and diverse solutions, we will witness a tipping point. The situation is reminiscent of 2000’s years, when manufacturers push smart phones to somehow be different from the competition, used the unusual shapes. In 2007 with the release of iPhone manufacturers did not seek to vary, since the form factor was something new for the market. Now, even thin frames no surprise, therefore, in the case enters a fantasy.

For example, Samsung in November will show a flexible Galaxy X. Other manufacturers are also preparing smartphones flexible. Plus flexible smartphones is that producers will not be limited to a specific form factor.

Of course, there is still room to grow until the market make flexible motherboards, or flexible enough battery, so a fully flexible devices while there is no question.

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