2019 will be the most important for the smartphone market

Surprisingly, somehow, the people are very excited about the new Samsung. Many thought that the prototype of a flexible smartphone was too ridiculous and with the wide scope. But to say that it was only a demonstration display Infinity Flex and not a desire to show the appearance of the future smartphone. Flexible Galaxy F will be much more attractive, as it would be on the smartphone and not on the demo display.

I have no doubt that 2019 will be a watershed and the most important for the entire smartphone market. Even the release of the iPhone, in my opinion, was not so global.

The fact that the iPhone gave more freedom from the point of view of software and device management. In the case of flexible devices we are talking about a lot more freedom. Manufacturers will no longer is confined to one plane, they will be able to create.

Google together with Samsung are currently working on a version of Android that will be able to adapt to flexible smartphones. Remember that the Galaxy Edge. It was the first smartphone with a curved display. And a year later was presented the Galaxy S6 Edge, the display of which was not rounded on one side, and from both.

Later, it was presented Edge and Galaxy S7 S8 where they brought the technology to perfection. To do this, Samsung took 4 years. In the case with a folding smartphone, the situation is similar. Perfect technology will bring only by 2022. And in 2025 the market may see a smartphone with a flexible chassis. The batteries and motherboard to be able to bend at a certain angle, sufficient to fully direct the smartphone to transform into a wristwatch.

By 2035, we can expect the advent of fully flexible devices that can be bent like a piece of paper in any direction.

In 2045, humanity can begin to develop holographic solutions, as well as lenses that can display various information. Users will be able to communicate with each other through such lenses. And do not be surprised, because this technology is very logical.

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