2020 can beat the record in terms of cryptocurrency stolen by fraudsters

2020 could be the largest ever cryptocurrency stolen by scammers or hackers. This interim conclusion was made by analysts CipherTrace, which is published on the eve of the statement of cash flows in the underworld of the industry. According to their calculations, only in the first five months 2020, the amount of stolen digital assets exceeded $ 1.36 billion. The pace we can expect a new high for the year.

Recall that in 2019, the amount of stolen digital assets had reached 4.5 billion dollars. If the current activity criminals will continue at the same pace and will follow the behavior in the past year in 2020, with a high probability of a new record.

How scammers earn coronavirus

The experts noted that the pandemic COVID-19 gave fraudsters the opportunity to “earn”. They were pretending to be charities and have launched a full campaign, during which offerings were deposited in the crypt to fight the spread of coronavirus. Of course, all the money went into the pocket of cyber criminals, not aid workers.

The scheme was popular, though very simple. That is in fact all comes down to making the user believe in the involvement of the crooks to the world-famous organizations. In fact they just used the current situation in the world and also played on the emotions of gullible people. This is another reminder that donations — especially in the cryptocurrency need to be very careful. Ideally, use platforms, which provide popular of the company. For example, cryptocurrency exchanges.

COVID-19 also gave impetus to the emergence of new popular items on the darknet. Along with prohibited substances there began to sell the tests to determine the virus in the body. The boldest scams announced the sale of “drugs from the coronavirus” that have been implemented for more money.

The fraudster offered to install apps that supposedly tracked the pace and spread of the virus COVID-19. In the end, however, such programs simply encrypt the contents of smartphones and demanded a ransom in bitcoin for unlocking.

хакер анонимность криптовалюты

Anonymous hackers takes a lot of the problems users of cryptocurrency

Analysts say that 98 percent of the 1.36 billion dollars of the stolen money had been obtained by criminals through deception, not hacker attacks. That is the issue of security of cryptocurrency main weak point remains their owners.

The report CipherTrace is positive news. For example, according to them, the development of measures to combat money laundering led to a decline in “illegal” cryptocurrency exchanges by 47 percent compared to the year 2019. However, this area remains their problems. 74 percent of the transactions between the trading platforms are international, that is, experts suggest regulators to consider improvement schemes combating money laundering at the international level.

We believe that inside of the research report there are very important details. As we have noted, 98 percent of all stolen funds were obtained by deception. It turns out that here the users themselves were sending the coins to the wallets of fraud or reveal to them led-phrase from their coins.

On the one hand it emphasizes that the niche of the cryptocurrency very young: it is really enough for novice users, who do not understand what data can reveal. For example, they enter their correct passwords from the exchanges when hackers send an email with news about the "expired password".

On the other hand it is obvious that the amount of "earnings" fraud can be reduced significantly. It is enough to spread knowledge about proper behavior with their coins. The more people will know how to preserve and protect the cryptocurrency, the less it will get to the criminals.

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