2248 — universal charger for brain

Games — a great helper in the development of gray matter. However, it’s not about those representatives where you mindlessly kick the ball in hope of scoring or shooting at moving targets. To improve the activity of the brain under the power of apps that force you to look for similarities to build a logical chain and to perform other such actions. 2248 is one of them. As the developers of the program, once started, to complete the process will be very difficult.

Immediately after starting 2248 waiting for us leadership. On the playing field we see different numbers — first two two. For the passage of connecting them to the line and get four. Then the two added four. Join these pieces and form a figure eight. The main feature is that in the beginning of the chain was repeating numbers, and then select the following in order. You can not go back.

Here is an example of the correct chain.


And another one, but heavier.


After a workout get into the actual game. There is a huge space for creativity, after all, to connect chips not only at right angles. First connect the adjacent numbers, then move diagonally, go down again and again — on the diagonal. Strict rules in 2248 no. Available to all eight directions.

This is the beauty of the gameplay. Sometimes chains are incredibly long, the main thing — to consider a possible connection and not to miss the opportunity. The time spent on a thorough analysis of the situation is usually worth it.

The game often shows ads, so the Internet at the time of entertainment it is better to disable. Single chip — the change of design, for that, click on the button in the lower left corner. By the way, here is a dark theme that will delight connoisseurs of fashion trends and at the same time will allow you to play lying in bed.

2248 is a good option for spending free time usefully. The game will definitely appeal to fans of puzzles.

Application: 2248
Developer: CurryGames
Category: Puzzle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 64 human

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