229-meter “Valkyrie” will be the largest yacht in the world

From childhood, we all present the yacht as a small white ships, parts of which are neatly stacked on top of each other like a wedding cake. Designer Calhoun Park tired of this and developed a plan to create a huge yacht “Valkyrie”, which will make a record of 229 meters. It won’t be like all the other yachts — structural elements are located in a chaotic manner. Buy it for personal use will not work — it will be open to all comers. Visitors will be able to go to the casino, galleries, restaurants and even theatres.

Яхта «Валькирия»

Direction in design, where a Valkyrie is called deconstructivism. Its founder is the French philosopher Jacques Derrida — structure, created by its concept, have a curved shape. In this style, for example, built an office building “Dancing house” in Prague. In fact, it is the architectural metaphor of a dancing couple.

Яхта «Валькирия»

Originally, “Valkyrie” was the graduation project Calhoun Park, who studied at the Royal College of London. After the idea drew the attention of the lead designer of yachts in the US and Europe, Palmer Johnson, the project turned into something more. Together, the designers have created a huge drawing 229-metre yacht that is able to beat the current record. He owned the yacht “Azzam”, owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates. The yacht reaches 180 meters in height.

Яхта «Валькирия»

According to designers ‘ idea, “Valkyrie” is not the personal vehicle of billionaires, and a public place for entertainment. It has 26 cabins for 52 guests, and the 46 rooms 92 employees. The interior is full of large Windows and has a terrace for walking. Body with a layer of carbon fiber is covered with steel and aluminium. Form of the yacht will provide the least resistance to the wind — so she will be able to develop greater speed with minimal fuel costs.

Яхта «Валькирия»

When it will begin building a huge boat, is still unknown. In the world there is a huge number of other yachts, which you can read in our special article.

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