23 gesture trackpad for the Mac that make life easier

There are many things for which we could thank Apple. Some of them are full – fledged products-for example, iPhone or iPad, and some is just a technology or feature. The latter can be safely placed many gestures, with which you can greatly facilitate their work with Mac. But like an incredible number of shortcuts, and all existing gestures no one knows. And knowing them all is not necessary, rather only those that can be useful for you. Today, we will examine 23 gesture trackpad for Mac, and you have to choose which of them you should remember and use.

Finder, Mission Control and desktop:

  • Dilute in hand four fingers to show desktop
  • Hold four fingers up to show Mission Control
  • Two thumbs up over the window to display a list of application Windows in Mission Control
  • Hold four fingers right or left to switch between “desktops”
  • Hold four fingers down to show the list of all Windows of current application
  • To keep four fingers together to launch Launchpad
  • Pinch three fingers and hold over the title of an open window – a move an open window (you need to enable in “System settings”)
  • Touching the trackpad with one finger – click without pressing the button
  • Touch with two fingers – menu, right-click
  • Hold two fingers up or down to move the page up or down
  • Touch with three fingers over an active object – view object
  • The Safari web browser (and some others):

  • To breed two fingers apart – zoom the page you are viewing
  • To bring two fingers together to shrink the page you are viewing
  • To hold with two fingers to right – back
  • Hold two fingers to the left – back forward
  • Touch with three fingers over a word to see a word in the dictionary
  • Double touch two fingers closer to the object
  • Preview:

  • Turn to the side with two fingers – rotate image
  • To hold two fingers apart to enlarge the image
  • To hold two fingers horizontally – rewind videos
  • QuickTime Player:

  • To breed two fingers in different directions – to enter the full screen preview
  • To bring two fingers together to get out of zoom mode
  • To hold two fingers horizontally – rewind videos

  • Many of these gestures I use on my MacBook Pro every day, but, of course, some may not know. If you have your own tricks that relate to the Mac trackpad, write it in comments and our Telegram chat.

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