25 million Android devices infected by malicious third Agent Smith

Revealed company Check Point (Check Point) cyber-security for the presence of malware new operating system Android , using new methods to attack and avoid detection.

Registration code harmful, which is called (Agent Smith), the well-known security holes in the Android system to replace the applications installed on the device versions harmful without the need to enter users.

Based on research conducted by Check Point, has found that the software (Agent Smith) harmful benefit from the privileges broad access to display advertising deceptive.

Targeting software is essential devices in India and other Asian countries such as Pakistan; and Bangladesh, has affected unexpectedly on approximately 25 million devices Android.

And every victim of the replacement of up to 112 application of the original versions harmful, concentrated injuries mainly on devices powered by Android (Lollipop) and (Marshmallow).

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Recording software (Agent Smith) in its current form for financial gain through the provision of advertisements harmful, but given their ability to impersonate the Android apps famous, the researchers warn of the presence of the infinite possibilities of this type of malicious software to harm the user’s computer.

Distributed applications, mostly games, by Chinese group claims it will help developers to publish their apps internationally on third-party platforms, such as (9Apps).

Was able to this code of version common applications on the phone, including WhatsApp; the web browser Opera, with the injection of malicious code own and replace the original app version malicious using a vulnerability in the way the updated Google apps.

After a user downloads one malware infected, it hides itself as an application linked to Google, on behalf of the (Google Updater), and then begins the process of replacing the code, and update native apps, which led to hide the malware from users.

It seems that the operator of the malware also tried to stop in a shop Google it (Google Play), where the climb to 11 application instructions included software exposed by the simplest of malware.

And the company Check Point: if Google had removed all of the malicious apps discovered, but the main weakness which depend on it (Agent Smith) had been corrected several years ago in the Android platform, but the developers update their apps to take advantage of the added protection, it is clear that many they do not.

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