26 a lawsuit filed against Apple due to slow her down for iPhone old


When Apple has confirmed they slow down the already iPhones the old exhausted battery, it was expected that there would be some kind of consequences for their actions, such as lawsuits. Finally we heard that there are up to eight lawsuits filed against the company, but now it seems that this number has risen since then, reaching more than 26.

So far been offered mostly in the United States, with allegations against Apple saying that the latter was ” intended ” or ” secret ” to slow down the phones old iPhone. Although the lawsuits cover slightly different angles of the case, it is in most lawsuits ask the Apple company compensated all iPhone users, either via replacement batteries for their devices for free, or return the money to customers who had to buy the new iPhone as a result of slower phones iPhone their old.

The Apple since then is to reduce the price of the replacement battery to the 29$ they knew it was asking for 79$ to do so. The programme of replacement of the battery is open now and will be available to all customers who Own the iPhone 6 or a higher version, customers will be able to take advantage of this offer, whether their smartphone will need to replace the battery or not.

Has promised Apple it will also make it easy for iOS device users know whether their devices to need to replace the battery in the future. We believe, however, that this probably won’t be enough to reduce lawsuits, so it remains to see How will treat Apple exactly with these lawsuits.


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