3 actions carried out by Facebook to protect users recently


On the wake of the scandal, “Cambridge Asia” Alliance network Facebook all the time, ask a lot of the nurses in an attempt to protect user data, providing more security to them, during an attempt of Facebook to do so, the company has resorted to do many of the things which we observe, most notably as follows:

– Reporting for control messages

Enter the Facebook recently a new feature that allows users to apply instant messenger to report on the conversations that violate the general standards of the site, so in an attempt to face the criticism to the application Facebook Messenger in some countries around the world, make a new tab inside the Messaging app “Messenger” users report the messages within the range of categories that include harassment, hate speech and suicide, which was not available before.

– Turn off the 200 application on suspicion in violation of the data

As the “the Facebook” stop the process 200 applied to, after the suspicion of abuse of user information that is shared with or cross-platform social networking are famous, and these apps among thousands of apps that the company Facebook scans it in the context of achieving on outside developers who work across the region, so after scandal company Cambridge Asia that kicked off on the diversion data 87 million users.

-Question users about the news sources trusted

In started Facebook in asking some questions to users in Europe in-depth news sources that they trust, to help him in the leadership of the sources are highly credible from the point of view of the users, the company has started to ask those questions to users in the United States earlier this year, in order to filter misleading information, said the location of gadgetsnow, that Facebook will begin to show the surveys are similar to users in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, asking them if they were familiar with the sources of news limited, for example BBC News or the Guardian, And if they trust them.

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