3 Android apps to compress images without affecting the quality

3 تطبيقات أندرويد لضغط الصور دون المساومة على الجودة

3 تطبيقات أندرويد لضغط الصور دون المساومة على الجودة

We all know the difficult problems of the user and the phone itself when the glut storage space, perhaps the most prominent of these problems slowly in response to the performance of the phone, as well as the inability to install applications or save new files, in turn, solutions to this predicament are many, most notably the use the services of cloud storage, and access to delete the files, apps, unnecessary, and between this and that there is another solution which is the process of image compression.

Where the process pressure in general serve to reduce file size to minimum, sometimes up 90% of the proportion of the provision of storage space for what, in this theme we 3 Android apps that you can pressure the total images you have, and most importantly not compromising on quality, in other words not to lose the quality and beauty of the image after the compression process, has brought this application as follows:

Photo & Picture Resizer:

The first application which allows you to easily reduce the size of the image, reflecting positively on the speed of send this photo by e-mail or share them on social networks and most importantly reducing the area of the picture where it gives you the results of the pressure image size of 2 MB to 100 KB, as well as its support to improve the dimensions of custom image and choose an image or multiple images or select all, turn application is available to download for free and full.

Photo Compress:

This application allows you to compress large images to small images size without loss in quality, which meet to the need of a computer software program to press, apart from the sound pressure can also change the size of images you have, and its features that it does not affect the metadata of the image, with the option to re-change the size using the settings of the past, as the app also supports preview of images before saving them, in respect of the results, the application possibility to change the size of the image until the lowest 50 KB, in turn, gives you the application change the size of the 10 images are free, and then you buy version from within the app is priced at 0.99$.

Compress The Image:

The app is the latest in this group, and can change the size of images size of 6 MB to 25 KB without compromising on quality at all, and what distinguishes the app from its predecessors, it comes with a clean with the ease of use easier, and supports conversion of individual or multiple, and finally the app is available to download for free and full from the Play Store.

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