3 apps that will make your smartphone work better

The Android operating system, despite the external similarity with iOS, is designed quite differently. Its openness allows you to customize and modify it in all ways imaginable, and, more importantly, to influence its speed. Tell how with only three applications to overclock your old Android smartphone albeit not to the level of modern flagships, but at least so that they again could comfortably use.

Applicationsdescribed in this publication are taken only for example. If you know a more efficient counterparts, you can use them.

How to clear cache on Android

First we need to clean the phone memory to get rid of all the excess and unnecessary. With this task perfectly cope utility Google Files (download from Google Play), which will not only clear built-in store, but also removes the application cache and a long-forgotten files that you have downloaded from the Internet. If you want you can even remove rarely used apps, and use Google Files as a tool for the regular cleaning of memory. As a result, the load on the hardware of the smartphone will be less and he will work much faster.

How to overclock Android smartphone

The next step would be overclocking the RAM. Turns out it can work much more efficiently if it does not clutter with unnecessary processes. To calculate them, and “to nail” will help RAM Cleanup utility (download from Google Play). She scans the smartphone, will find unwanted processes and allows to stop them. This action will release a few hundred, and maybe even gigabytes of RAM, which you can use to work more effectively with applications.

How to increase the autonomy of Android-smartphone

Final step – increase in time of Autonomous work. Even if you have been using your smartphone and the capacity of its battery gradually started to decline due to frequent recharges, the situation can be improved. AccuBattery (download from Google Play) will help identify the tasks that consume a lot of unnatural energy, and will also tell you how to charge your smartphone, so its battery is not degraded so rapidly.

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