3 apps to help you in the creation of holographic images easily

Requires image capture of three-dimensional multiple cameras in order to capture the many data to build the depth of the scene, but now with the development of artificial intelligence techniques can capture images of three-dimensional camera smart phone Monocular Lens, as you can create images binary the existing dimensions in the photo library in your phone.

Here are 3 apps to help you in the creation of holographic images easily:

1. application PopPic:

Lets you apply PopPic create a three-dimensional image easily, you only need to press the Export button to take the picture and wait until the application processing of the image, once completed, you can use the editing tools below to select the image according to your desire.

The app is available for free for users of devices iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

2. Apply LucidPix:

Lets you apply LucidPix capture three-dimensional images using the camera of any smart phone whether it is new or old, without the need of multiple camera lenses, or the sensor of a modern compact. It is also easy to use and requires no skills of Photography Special.

The app relies in his work on artificial intelligence to determine the objects in the scene and then create a depth map, so that you can capture three-dimensional images using a camera phone you regular, it also enables you to convert images in two dimensions taken already into three-dimensional images, as well as creating video clips for health, holographic watch.

Includes application also sharing options integrated with the community application, or on social media platforms such as: Facebook, also options to participate in Instagram, Snapchat, and T Tok.

The app is available for free for users of devices iPhone and iPad in the App Store, The lose Android devices in Google Play.

3 – Facebook application:

You can use the Facebook application to create three-dimensional images with ease, all you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Facebook app, and click in the space provided to create a new publication.
  • Scroll down and click on the (three-dimensional image) 3D photo.
  • Select the image that you want to convert from photo gallery, and then Preview a three-dimensional effect by moving your phone.
  • Add text and any other content, then click on the option (published) Post.

Note: you can use the previous applications in the creation of holographic images, but may not be these files compatible with the operating system of your phone, in other words, if you’ve saved in the photo library in your phone, you end up in a two-dimensional.

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