3 effective ways to increase the efficiency of the content that you post on Instagram

Think Instagram app months globally to share photos online, as as one of the fastest social media platform growth since its launch, where he managed the acquisition of million active users in the month of June 2018, and continues to capture more users at this time.

Accordingly, the business activities and service to Instagram that represents a huge opportunity to reach potential customers, especially those who belong to the category of youth, where is one of their favorite applications. The biggest challenge for commercial activities in the ability to post featured content continuously, to attract the attention of potential customers, encourage them to constant interaction with what is published.

In the following we use 3 effective ways to increase the efficiency of published content on Instagram, encouraging interaction:

1. use insights, Insights to improve the quality of the content:

3 طرق فعالة لزيادة كفاءة المحتوى الذي تنشره على إنستاجرام

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Found in the Instagram analytics tool built to allow the Instagram Insights, and provide you important statistics on the demographic data for the followers, and the content that you post on your account, and the level of interaction with this content.

This tool helps you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts on Instagram, and to identify possible opportunities to improve it, the most important factors that you should follow constantly are: the level of interaction with the content, the quality of the publications that get the highest rate of interaction, and in the same context; you must follow-up the quality of the content that says competitors post on their accounts, and interact with that content.

Let’s assume that your company; working in the trade supplements for those interested in fitnessand, accordingly, will have to diversify the content published on your account to attract the attention of traffickers and encourage them to think constantly.

So the content will be proposed for a videos short training to exercise different types of aerobic exercise, in addition to the inspirational photos and quotes to a group of experts in this area, with testimonials of real customers try your products, and high quality for packaging your products with the details of the components of its most important benefits.

After a short period of your devotion to the publication of these different types of content, transmitting the role to use the tool insights Instagram, to judge the quality of the content that you post.

You may reach some results, for example: images and videos that contain testimonials real customers try to use your products, you get the highest rate of interaction – likes and comments – so it’s best to increase the rate of deployment of this type of content, and include a clear call to action in each publication, such as: the trend to take advantage of a special offer when you buy one of the products.

You can also access statistical data about the feature story on Instagram, where you can learn the number of impressions your stories and the number of responses, and through this data you can identify the kind of story that you get the highest interaction rates, and then focusing on them.

Note: management insights in Instagram are available on the accounts of Instagram for business, you can get through on the demographic data for the followers when the number exceeds the follow-up to your 100 follow-up.

2 – Choose the tags appropriate to facilitate the access to your account:

3 طرق فعالة لزيادة كفاءة المحتوى الذي تنشره على إنستاجرام

Lead to the correct use of feature tags are Hashtags in Instagram, to promote the access of many potential clients to your account easily, so you should have a selection of tags and the use of appropriate an integral part of the strategic deployment of the content on Instagram.

Uses Instagram hashtags to organize content published on different accounts, and hosted by the Lester reached, just as is the case with files, folders, operating systems computers, so we put identical files within a specific folder for easy access, here on Instagram we can considered that the publications are files, folders are tags, and the marking refers to the publications are similar, and relevant.

Must be the highest priority you have is to identify the most important tags used by your target audience to search for content on Instagram, as you can search for some tags related to your business through the search feature in the app, where it will help to know how popular these tags are.

3 – publication at the appropriate times according to the behavior of the followers:

النشر في أوقات مناسبة

In general; identifying the days and times with high rates of the interaction of followers of the most important factors in the growth of corporate accounts on social media platforms, where you can enhance the efficiency of the content that you post, and connect it to the largest possible number of followers, when you consider the dates of the presence of a greater percentage of them in an active state.

Upon successful access to the days and times that you get your posts the greatest amount of likes and comments, using the statistical data provided by you tool insights Instagram, you should pay attention to during these times to ensure the preservation of the rates of interaction of high constantly to your account.

This does not prevent the also you experience other times away from peak times, it is possible to cause the low deployment rates of the other accounts during these times, the increased interaction with the content that you post to the lack of competition then.

Abstract: until now; still platform Instagram of the best social media platforms which companies can exploit to increase the rate of audience interaction as well as get more followers, but this will not happen as soon as you post high quality photos as is common for some people, but this requires good planning for everything related to publish content, as well as the use of available statistical data to enhance the marketing on Instagram and get the desired results.


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