3 features coming in the update WhatsApp New

Trying to company Facebook , which owns WhatsApp and to make more nurses to apply to the live conversations of the famous who owns more than a million accounts around the world. Since the current year it has developed a WhatsApp next to the apps Facebook other to get the perks is long overdue.

The application WhatsApp during the updated law on three new features, drag to “Swipe to reply” and the Dark “Dark Mode” feature forwarding “Message forwarding” features that have already appeared in the beta test version of the app which will be published for all users with the arrival of the next update.

The feature to Swipe to reply and reply to messages easily by dragging them to the side of the screen to write a reply directly without the need for anything else, this water with its presence already in the iOS version of WhatsApp but it was not available for Android even these women.

The developers of WhatsApp are also on the feature of Dark Mode existing in a number of applications which help to provide a better experience to the user eye. which reduces the reality of the dark and the bright spots of damage, which is located on the user while using the app. Certainly this feature would be good if she came to one of the applications that are used for long hours by many around the world especially teenagers. It is expected to come this feature on system Android and iOS system also.

With the continued application of WhatsApp in development has given developers in the recent period advantage to the managers of communities to enable them to deal with people within the groups separately. This feature allows that the director of the Group prevent a specific person from sending messages which could be used in punishment or in giving certain people the validity of the reading without even the other, a feature undoubtedly useful to many.

Also in accordance with the agreement between Google and Facebook The your storage for WhatsApp on the cloud storage service Google Drive will unlimited finally where will it be implemented in the Twelfth of November next for all users. You can head to the settings to make a backup copy of your data now.

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