3 features outperform by Assistant Google Voice on the Alexa will be

Evolved aid to the audio a lot during the last period, where every company on the development of her voice, and support with artificial intelligence, which made him more than just a tool for answering users ‘ questions, he now learns from the habits of your use of the device, and offers you suggestions dependent on these habits in order to simplify the task.

Millions of people are on the device (Google Home) Google Home to manage everyday tasks such as: assistance in access to recipes for food, or wake you up early in the morning, or play clips of favorite music, and much more. But the speakers smart home which supports voice assistant Alexa – such as: Amazon Echo or Echo Plus, or Echo Input, etc. – and Apple HomePod can do all of that too.

Though; if you choose System Google Home to manage your digital life, you’ll find it features some unique skills that did not reach the highlights of the rivals.

The following are the most important 3 features outperform by Assistant Google Voice from the Alexa will be:

1. implementation of the 3 orders, respectively:

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It can feel at times; to talk with the aid of audio such as communicating with a small child understands is the one and only, and he can’t remember two things at a time, for example: “plugin; turn off the lights”, plugin; adjust the music volume 5″, “assistant; the job list my own music during the sleep”, wouldn’t it be much easier if you could get all of that in the voice command one?

Google has finally developed the capacity of her voice to spend more than a voice command, respectively, instead of repeating the call of “Hey Google Hey Google” so frequently throughout the day, you can now combine three voice commands once to plugin implementation, respectively.

You can say: “Hey Google; turn off the lights, and press the volume level of the music on 3, filled the list of bedtime”. It would lead to the completion of the series the same tasks using Google Home in fewer words.

2 – more options of sounds:

Will help the Amazon’s voice (Alexa) options new sounds for some celebrities later this year, the You Assistant Apple TV voice (Siri) choose between the voices of males, or women’s voices, as well as choose from a list of accents, but there is still only one choice of dialects for each language, for example: the female voice speaks English with an American accent, or The Voice of a man speaking Arabic dialect of Saudi Arabia.

While offers you a Google Home a far broader scope of sounds that you can set your help audio, which offers more than 10 options of different sound, including a few dialects of non-American, and also a variety of male and female voices, where allows you to these options, the formulation of a distinctive character more to help.

Here’s how to change the default sound in Google Home:

  • Open the application Google Home.
  • Click on the icon of your profile picture in the right corner below.
  • Under Section (Assistant Google) Google Account, tap More Settings.
  • Click on the Options (Preferences), then click on the option (Voice Assistant) Assistant voice.
  • You’ll find a list of the votes, pick the sound that suits you.

3 – play music from other devices via Wi-Fi network:

Can most of the smart speakers including Google Home, contact phones and computers via Bluetooth to play audio. But can smart speakers from Google also connect your devices through Wi-Fi, whether you are using an Android device, or PC running Windows, or Mac OS.

Here’s how to turn voice over Wi-Fi from Android phone to your Google Home:

  • Make sure that your Android works on Wi-Fi network itself that works on your Google Home.
  • Open the application Google Home.
  • The top of the screen, click on run.
  • Choose your Google Home which you want to send the photo to him.

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