3 guys rule the world, Zuckerberg on top of them


Today marks the 12 July celebration on the occasion of the World Day of youth, which aims to draw attention to a certain set of cultural issues, and legal issues related to youth, given the world of technology, we find that the world of technology itself, but and also governed by a group of young people, as follows we monitor the most prominent figures of grid technology are as follows:

– Mark Zuckerberg:

Come on the top of the list, where is Mark Zuckerberg CEO network Facebook is one of the most famous network in the world, under the possession of Facebook for more than 2.2 million users, given Zuckerberg himself, we find that age not exceed 34 years, where Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984, with regard to his wealth he has 74.2 million.

-Kevin’s sister

Perhaps the name is not famous, he is regarded as the author of the idea of the application of Instagram owners, so before you take it to facebook in 2012, and the age of the Kevin system 34 also, where was born on 30 December 1983, and he currently holds the position of Chief Executive of the network of Instagram and charge them under the umbrella of Facebook.


-Evan Spiegel

Is the smallest in the list, where he was born on June 4, 1990 which was at the time 18 years old, a pioneer work of the internet, American co-founder to develop the snapchat network. famous, he served as CEO of snapchat, which has managed to achieve considerable fame among the youth in all over the world, and a great turnout.

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