3 important orders not known to a lot in version Windows

There are many useful commands are not known to many in version Windows, not only about her being not well known but are useful and important and we need it, here’s the top 3 orders in Windows.

An ipconfig command

ما لا تعرفه عن نسخة الويندز

Through it can be found on the “IP” in your computer, through control panel, but it takes more than a click to reach it, along with access to some other information through it such as:

  • The address of the default gateway of you.
  • Know the address of the “IP” to your one site.

In order to use it do the following:

  • Type “ipconfig” in the box command.
  • Will appear a list of all the contacts used by your computer.
  • See below for a Network Adapter “Wireless LAN” in the case of communications to a WiFi network.
  • Or adapter is “Ethernet” in case you’re connected to a wireless network.

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