3 main reasons to wait for the Xperia XZ2 coming from Sony

The company Sony is one of the companies that design smartphones that featured a certain character, it is known that this company is issuing smart phones designs very special, but this is no longer the case with smartphones recent. With the reveal of Xperia XZ2 phone big new coming from Sony it is clear that the phones the company started losing its identity with regret, but this does not prevent that the phone is still a good choice.

In this article a number of factors that may lead you to buy a Sony phone away from his design.

Some technical specifications: the Xperia XZ from the technical side good

3 أسباب رئيسية لانتظار Xperia XZ2 القادم من سوني

Sony has tried to renew and looking for old designs but it didn’t go to the best because the new designs did not provide new to the world of smart phones, despite distancing itself from the previous phones that have shaped the identity of Xperia smartphones through the years, but away from it there is what deserves appreciation for the phone when you look at the specifications of the technical.

Before talking about the technical specifications it is good to mention that Sony listened to their plight -and perhaps for resorts also has developed a fingerprint sensor in the back where it is the place preferred by most users. In addition, the company adjusted on the body of the phone to become aspects more streamlined, as supplied screen space relative to the area of the face of the phone for the first time.

As for the technical specifications of your phone, it is represented in the provided Snapdragon 845 newer and existing within the Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus new from Samsung, with a battery with a capacity of 3180 mAh, which is expected to provide the phone consuming less battery and with better performance by 30 percent. In addition for Cat 18 which supports LTE 4G makes the phone supports speeds up to 1.2 GB per second.

A smart phone is ready for multimedia: more than one way to do Xperia XZ2 of this trend

3 أسباب رئيسية لانتظار Xperia XZ2 القادم من سوني

Smart phones are now being used to share content, whether on the phone or via the internet and play games also, and Xperia XZ2 ready to be characteristic of this aspect, in addition to support to provide HDR the phone the New will transform the content is not supporting to upgrade to the professional HDR.

In addition the optics, the company renewed the vibrators responsible for the vibration of the phone to offer an unprecedented experience for phones Android in this aspect. With the new motor will be the company a number of advantages entertainment in addition to defeated high up to 100 Hz, with the possibility to control the strength of vibration with Audio Control Buttons is easily to become it’s best and fun.

Not new also that Sony offers more features for the camera which now supports video in 4K with support for HDR at the rate of 24 frames per second, and in addition has improved the company’s technique of slow motion that supports 1080p rather than 720p only, this is next to a number of other advantages in the phone’s camera to the next.

Advantages of original programming: Xperia XZ2 like all Sony phones

3 أسباب رئيسية لانتظار Xperia XZ2 القادم من سوني

Like phones Sony previous xperia XZ2 number of advantages developed by Sony over the Android system, and the Sony interface characteristic based on the system which usually provide the experience of the best in terms of advantages and design. And benefits provided are the ability to scan things and convert them to three-dimensional objects and that we saw previously.

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