3 new features of Google Maps, which you didn’t know

Modern applications have long ceased to perform any one function and became programs with a lot of additional opportunities. The most indicative in this plan of navigation, which combine options to search, order, food, reviews of establishments and almost encyclopedia entire cities and regions. The undisputed leader among the programs for navigation is Google Maps. And with the recent update they got 3 more new very interesting features worth mentioning.

It is nice that the new options are primarily the logical development of the service and improve it navigation features, bringing something new. Of course, for a long time Google Maps have the ability to show traffic on the roads and the best route for the trip. But now, thanks to Google Maps you can have much more information than before.

Built-in speedometer

Users who are using the app on the road, will now see the speedometer showing speed in real time directly in the application window. This feature is designed to protect users from speeding and increase road safety. Also new feature is designed to improve the performance of the algorithms for calculating travel time and route more optimal route.

Information on road conditions

Google Maps now allows you not only to reports of the accident from official sources, but also enables users to report various road traffic accidents. This feature is available directly on the home screen. Just click the appropriate icon. Add new information is also quite simple. In just a few taps on the screen. Moreover, Google will take into account user data when calculating routes for all other traffic participants. Of course, the data will be checked for authenticity, so as not to introduce drivers astray.

No more fines for speeding

In addition to the message about the dangers on the roads, the system will now have a database that contains information about the cameras that record speeding. Besides, the users themselves can update the database with new information that will always provide you the latest information about the route of your route.

How to get access to new features

Currently, these functions periodically, packets are sent with current system updates. So if you haven’t received access to them, then he will soon open for you. In addition, sometimes features can appear, but they can be turned off. In this case, you should check the settings of the application. Open the “Settings”, scroll down until until you see the item “driving Options”. If this menu item is not displayed, it means that the function is not yet available on your device. If subparagraph a, then click it to open the next menu, and there is already turn on all 3 new options.

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