3 possible scenarios for the way the folds of the Galaxy X

Samsung among the many smart phone manufacturers are trying to launch a foldable phone takes advantage of the flexible screen to provide a distinctive experience, might be me one day about tablets.

Will stop the phone function folding, from Samsung or otherwise, on the design of the phone: to fold inside or outside?

When it comes to the first part of the flip phones, including the Samsung Galaxy X, the more correct view that the company intends to fold up inside, knowing that they registered a patent for lawyers.

The design of the phone Galaxy X

Recent reports agreed that the official announcement of the Galaxy X will be in early 2019, but when it comes to design reports different on the 3 possibilities:

1. a foldable phone three times.

2 – Phone screen 7.3 inch can be folded so that it adopts a 4.5 inch usable.

3 – phone 7-8 inch screen is folded two-thirds of them receive three.

The first possibility

Fold three times, as you can see in the picture, the top of the Galaxy X is folded inwards on the average, and the bottom is folded out on the middle part, so that the left third of the screen is usable in the folded position.

If Galaxy X Screen 7 inch, what will be left is a portion the size of a credit card or smaller, and requires that the design of the components of a sophisticated folding, and high so as not to constitute a phone to a large conglomerate in the folded position, makes us use this scenario.

The second possibility

Foldable phone twice, so that it remained two-thirds or three-quarters of the screen unusable.

The most important reason is because I have the possibility of implementing this design is the susceptibility to use as a normal phone in the folded position.

The second possibility

Also the susceptibility to folding twice inside, but left with a smaller portion of the screen unusable.

I don’t imagine the adoption of this design only screen 8-inch, and even that, I won’t leave part of the screen unusable to useful, the same problem of the first occupation.

One last word

The requirements above are only the simple explanation of the arrangements for the way the folds of the Galaxy X, you might think Samsung other. If you guessed the second possibility it is due to see me that the phone is foldable found mainly leads to the function of a phone and tablet together.

You may have noticed that the rear camera may be used as a camera front also, this is one of the 5 ways it may change by the flip phones future phones.

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