3 reasons to buy a phone the average instead of the flagship

Much inclined to buy smart phones to get the experience of the ordinary, whether for export or for games or surfing the internet, and it is true that you can even more using the flagship phones, the phones category available become offering the experience of a strong and compelling reason to save money, so that’s 3 reasons to buy a phone of the middle class:

1) design has become excellent

No longer comes phones available design plastic is weak, but we like the oneplus 6 and the Moto Z3 preorder at about$ 500 to come to the design of metal and glass and supports the same screen dimensions and prepare Dual Camera found in most smartphones, even cheap phones like Onur 7x priced at$ 200 comes with all metal body Dual Camera fingerprint reader quick.

2) improved camera

Certainly not like in pixel 2 or P20 Pro, and in this regard, we recall again the Z3 preorder the owner of the photo above, the picture mi A2 below, which is a cheaper option as announced yesterday.

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3) accessories

Instead of phone leading can you buy Wen 6 plus and a range of accessory possible from the headset portfolio with a battery as well as speaker, if not convince your philosophy of saving money.

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