3 simple steps to convert your old phone into a security camera

With the development of smart phones and the emergence of many new releases from them during short intervals, it has become a lot of have many old phones, which we don’t know how to use them rather than sell them at a price not mention, but luckily, if these phones were still working, it is possible to use it usefully in your home.

Many seek to buy security cameras expensive sometimes to monitor their children while they outside the home, or to monitor their pets, or even to secure house from the outside, but what I don’t know a lot of users that it can do all of that without spending any extra money by recycling old phones you no longer use.

You can convert one of the old phones to the camera to monitor children at home, or as an assistant sound like (Google Home) Google Home, or as a remote control, or (wireless mouse) wireless mouse, and is turn old phone into a security camera of the most useful ways to use it.

The following are 3 simple steps to help you turn your old phone into a security camera:

1 – Choose the application of security camera fitting:

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In the beginning you will need to choose the camera application security product training you will use, the app stores a lot of these apps that offer the same features such as: live streaming, and discover the freedom to send instant alerts, providing a wireless communication module, the storage cloud to facilitate the process of Save your videos and share them.

Once you choose the app that suits you and set it up on your old phone you’ll be able to control where you want it, and in the safety camera from anywhere directly from your phone new.

Considered the application of Alfred one of the best options to prepare your old phone as a security camera, because it is available to work on any operating system, so it doesn’t matter if your old phone is running (Android) Android or (iOS) iOS, and the same applies to your new phone.

The application of Alfred is free and you can a lot of the most important features are: live broadcast on the clock, and discover freedom with alerts, and cloud storage free, it also works as a wireless connection (Walkie-talkie) allows you to interact with visitors, or calming children remotely, and use front and rear cameras.

You can upgrade to the paid version to access extra features such as: viewing and shopping at a higher resolution, and the possibilities of zooming in and out, remove ads, and cloud storage is not limited.

The app is available for users of Android devices on store Google Play, to lose the iPhone and iPad via the App Store. Download it on both your old phone and new, and follow the following steps:

  • On the new phone; press option (Start) Start, then select (View) Viewer, press the options (following) Next.
  • Once you reach the login page, click Sign in using your Google account.
  • On the old phone; repeat the same steps, but instead of selecting the option of(watching) Viewer, select options (Camera) Camera. Be sure to log in to the app using the Google account itself that you recorded them on your new phone.

Once you register all the phones in the application of Alfred, you are finished with the setup. You will see that the camera options are limited in the operating system (iOS), where you can just enable the motion detection and selection between the front and rear cameras and activate the sound on or off, if you’re using an Android device, you have these options in addition to the possibility to activate continuous focus, and re-open the app automatically if you restart the phone, and set the video resolution, securing your data and code password.

2 – Choose Where to place the security camera:

After the preparation of the application to the security camera, and run it, you will need to set up the camera and put it in the appropriate place. You may want to focus on the main point of entry to your home, or your yard back, or where you store valuables, or Points you think will be particularly at risk. You can also set it up as a surveillance camera for kids, if you have many old phones, you can set up multiple cameras in order to cover the strong security.

3 – installation and operation of the security camera:

Once you determine where you want to secure it will receive the you have how to install the old phone in this place, and here you can use the cameras tripod tripod, or holder suction cup suction cup that captures surfaces as easily as that used to install phones in cars, which is better because it will help you in placing the camera in an inconspicuous place.

To expand the field of vision; the idea in buying a wide angle lens camera phone, which can be purchased for an amount ranging between $ 5 to $ 20.

Be video broadcast strongly the consumption of the battery, and prevent the separation of the phone, you’ll need to put it near a power source so the idea of getting cable Micro-USB or Lightning with a length of 10 feet which gives you greater flexibility in choosing the place, where the phone is available round the clock, throughout the week.

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