3 smart solutions to buyers of apartments in the screen of the phone

Between P20 of Huawei zenfone 5 from Asus is a lot of other phones released will be hard at the screen. And also Oneplus to the same thing as Oneplus 6 will come hard at the screen in addition to LG, which will phone her the next slit in the screen also.

Raises support Google the apartment that this Addendum will not soon disappear so that the system Android will be the advantages to facilitate handling and control. But with this rapid proliferation of flat-screen who said it’s not an alternative? Smart solutions already provided by different companies may outgrow the slit screen and the problem front facing camera sensors with full screen without the presence of apartments.

Solution Xaomi: bigger edge in the minimum

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One of smart solutions extremely is the solution done by the company Shao Chinese with phone Mi Mix who was one of the first phones that excel in providing full screen. Phone Mi Mix of Shawty ft bigger edge in the minimum to become the phone without any edge at the top makes the phone top screen almost entirely without any dialogue which is a wonderful solution but the defect is large, which is the angle for the front camera which has become strange and does not provide the required sound completely. It was one of the problems that it solved Shao also is the lack of a place heaven at the top, said police put the headphones electrical pressure under the screen.

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