3 things you can learn brands of the journey of Apple to stay ahead in the

Is Apple one of the largest technology companies, the most valuable in the world, in the year 2018 a new record through its access to the market value of a trillion dollars to be the first American company to reach this market value after it had been on the verge of bankruptcy 21 years ago.

Specifically, in 1997; acquired the Apple company NEXT – which was founded by Steve Jobs after leaving Apple in 1985, returned jobs to the company to find her on the verge of bankruptcy, and began thinking about how to extricate Apple from its predicament big.

Think of jobs at this stage on the designer Jonathan Ive Jonathan Ive; and to design the new devices are characterized by simplicity, the beginning was in 1989 with a computer in the iMac G3, which was a great success, thanks to combining a stylish design, and a large number of functions, and features, the company also demonstrated its power in 2001 after the release of the iPod, a portable music player that changed the relationship of users to the music radically, rolled successes until 2018 when the new record.

But although this success story is great, but innovation for once doesn’t guarantee lasting success, which saw Apple’s decline in its most recent financial results, and continued brand product to ask difficult questions, but this is inevitable when you’re at the top, where it’s hardest to reach the summit; is the preservation of the library, which reached no.

The following are 3 things you can learn by brands from Apple to stay in the article:

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1 – the face of the worst achieve the best results:

3 أشياء يمكن أن تتعلمها العلامات التجارية من آبل للبقاء في المقدمة

In 1997; led to fears of bankruptcy of Apple to set a team with expertise in the areas of design, music, this step was a risk at the time, but it was a must for difficult stage.

The approach was risky pays off at the time, but lately I’ve been crazy ideas, and new designs for the brand were few, and far between too.

People received Service broadcast new video +Apple TV launched by Apple recently which is a direct competitor to services such as: Netflix, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Amazon Prime – mixed reactions, as it is a step too late, even if different from what is already there.

Because of the success of Apple, people expect that everything you do will change the world, no doubt that this place is extremely difficult for any brand they claim the length of time to achieve great expectations, but you need to achieve that live on the edge, and confront the worst?

2 – customer loyalty might end up:

Think Apple’s leading brands which is working to implement strategies to retain existing customers with high professionalism, so it has a large customer base know, loyalty to the brand all the time, but you should know that customers will not remain loyal to the brand if you fail to provide the best products, or services.

The most striking example of this is the Kodak Kodak, specialized in materials, tools, export, Where are the now in the center of the Giants of photography tools digital? Didn’t realize the CEOs of this when it was Kodak at the peak of its success.

In the seventies; and invented engineer Steven Sasson Steven Sasson – who worked at Kodak – the first digital camera, a Windows imaging techniques that allow us to take pictures on our phones now, and send photos around the world in seconds, and share them with millions of people.

Said engineer Sasson previously: “that’s what I choose total time was more than just a camera, it was a system of photography where he showed the idea of a camera electronic Full used movies, and used paper at the time, as they don’t use consumables at all in the still image capture photographs, display them”.

Eastman Kodak أول كاميرا رقمية

Was camera, operation system by the beginning of the era of digital photography, but it was the reaction of the management of Kodak is the weirdest possible thing to expect: “photography without film something cute, but don’t tell anyone about this”.

The department management code in the eighties, the nineties is interested in the adoption of digital imaging alternative to film, and knows a lot of senior executives at the time that a group of competitors with digital cameras will be they are the reason the company’s exit from the market altogether, where they assumed that customers will maintain their loyalty to the code there, but loyal customers always go for the brands that meet their needs.

You can imagine that the Kodak company that discovered digital photography, and work on its development, and take advantage of them declared bankruptcy in 2012, its inability to stay within the competition.

3 – innovation, and growth:

It is often said that people who start companies are not the best in the run, and when moving a business from the stage of the project emerging to a large company it becomes extremely difficult to do business, where you show a lot of obstacles in the stages of growth and even more institutions are innovative and can create complexity, and bureaucratic with increasing size.

This was the case with the company WHSmith since its launch in the year 1792, has been a trademark have great admiration for the British.. In 1995; the company promised to become a global leader, and launched the library sell books on the internet after realizing that the internet will change the way of shopping.

But instead of focusing on the development of its business via the internet, dedicated time, and effort more to the development of its stores, and unfortunately for WHSmith, was launched Jeff Bezos in 1994 a shop selling books online just as Amazon, focused on its development, becoming today the company Amazon’s giant e-commerce, while the company WHSmith to close its stores.

The race doesn’t mean winning:

Don’t expect hard work once you become a pioneer in the field, or an industry, where the launch of the service, or products puts the brand at the summit is difficult enough, but the enjoyment of this place requires more work.

So instead of sitting, watching all the previous accomplishments, and hope for the best, we have to seek brands to approach the start of risking everything to create something new and powerful, this approach is what prompted Apple to design your iMac in the nineties, which is what put Apple on the road to success, but Apple now need to go back to that mentality to do whatever it takes to achieve success and create something to impress the critics, and lawyers again.


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