3 tips to increase the level of customer engagement on your site

There is no doubt that maintaining the level of customer engagement on your website and your brand is considered a very difficult task, especially with the availability of this vast amount of information on the internet.

As you think this task is more difficult for SMEs, where the redirect website visitors to give the action desired, such as: identify the products and services, and requested further information, One beta, etc.; it can be more difficult especially in the case of the failure to conduct a complete study of the market, and customers, providing the right content to them.

So you must consider new ways to attract the attention of the public on the website, always remember that the main goal for your website and your brand, you should be getting a greater number of potential customers, increase revenue, so when you think about the development of the site, try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you carry the products or services offered through the site messages appropriate for target audience?
  • Would you care to provide the information necessary at the outset to inform and educate the public about the products or services?
  • Does the website support the basic elements to make the buyer’s journey as simple as possible?

To answer these questions and help you increase customer engagement on your website and your brand, here are three tips for marketing to help with that:

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1 – select the category of the target audience accurately:

Providing appropriate information to the right people at the right time during the purchase process is critical in convincing them to buy the product or service. So the idea of creating personal virtual buyer Buyer Persona, which represent attributes of the buyers who should be targeted, and it is common data that is used in targeting a potential customer’s demographics and purchase behaviour, goals, motivations and interests, which helps you determine the type of content you want produced for customers during the purchase journey.

Once you have finished the search to determine the types of buyers, focus your efforts on creating content that targets potential clients and adds them to the value. And also to communicate with the sales team to achieve the common questions that their customers, and customize the content necessary to answer these questions, as well as the content of the special problems which it is possible to meet the customer, how to solve it.

2 – Create a interactive content:

Keep in mind that if the product or service is directed to companies and institutions, they often will need you to do helping them in choosing the best solution for their organizations. So make sure you create interactive content on your website helps in guiding them to make the decision on a solution that fits their needs and requirements.

Can include types of interactive content include:

  • Offering a trial version of your product.
  • Product presentations or seminars directly on the internet; allows users the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Self-assessments or tests that focus on the problems facing the buyers to help them find the exact solution that they need.

Always be a partner in the process of education and research for buyers from the beginning, and provided ways to easy and fun to learn more about the products or services presented in the market.

3. link the content trip the buyer:

Content is key to generating potential customers today, according to a study done by the platform Curata, refer 74.2% of companies indicate that content marketing increases the quality and number of potential customers.

Allocate appropriate content, you must first understand the stages of the buyer’s journey, there are many definitions of a trip of the buyer, but generally; the journey of the buyer to the progress of the individual towards a purchase.

Include the buyer’s journey has three stages are: awareness of Awareness, thinking, Consideration, and making a purchase Decision.

At the stage of awareness – sometimes called the stage of education is aware of the buyer he is facing a problem and looking for solutions to change the status quo, and at this stage should be focused marketer to provide learning materials provide the buyer solutions to the problem faced by. Undoubtedly, to help your audience through this stage will help them make their decision easier, as well as their conviction of being better than meets their needs.

In the negotiation phase, which is sometimes called the assessment phase or the search for the optimal solution, the buyer exploring the solutions and the extent of their elasticity, and at this stage I should explain content benefits of different solutions, and must be focused to distinguish the products of your brand from competitors.

In the decision-making phase, or the stage of purchase the buyer to justify his choice, a need that individual to details of the concrete and testimonials from former clients to assist in supporting the purchase decision.

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