3 tricks to run YouTube in the background on Android

A lot of times, just need to hear a video on YouTube, whether music or other without opening the app all the time, a feature not supported by the application website months watch the video in the world.

Despite the fact that Google will certainly know that users Want This feature, as it is a logical Foundation and does not require any effort of them only just added, but they don’t want to add.

Fortunately, that’s not all, there are a number of ways that can be used to run the app in background with continuing to run video while doing something else, and that the ways we explain in detail in this article.

Use the Firefox browser

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Perhaps the one who prefer Google Chrome, maybe you do not have the Firefox browser of the foundation, but you have to Download Firefox from the Google Play store, because it will allow you to run YouTube in the background with the possibility to stop it and turn it on while doing something else on the phone.

This solution is fast and free, watch running videos YouTube in the background.

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