3 ways to ensure not to run out of storage on your phone again

Regardless of which phone you use, you should receive a letter between now and then that tells you that storage on your phone may almost force there are many things to work on the gutted Space phone storage such as updates to App Store applications and games, large photos, videos, HD, music, etc., and all those committed to the storage in addition to make your phone slower, can storage filled to prevent phone and prevent you from capturing new photos or download apps and other things and that’s why and because that problem is common among users we will learn in this topic on how to end the storage problems once and for all.

1. clean the entire interior space

The storage capacity of the interior on the smartphone is used primarily by three things, namely:

  • Application data
  • Data cache (system cache, app cache)
  • User data (Music, Photo, Video)

Fortunately, we can control those three things that fill the space internal phone, where you can get rid of the cache files, unnecessary applications that you don’t need manually or use one of the specialized applications to do the hard work on your behalf, such as the application of SD Maid which helps you by organizing your phone from the files and things non-essential to the system of your Android, there is also the app ES File Explorer which will allow you to get rid of the remaining files belonging to applications that have been uninstalled from the system.

As for the user data such as music files وDCIM video clips and can be moved from your Android phone to your computer as you can transfer any folders or files you don’t need a particular computer and this will save space on the phone and the implementation of that process, connect your phone to the computer by a cable USB, and then click what you want from the files with ease.

2. the external storage card microSD card

Despite of efforts by Google to reduce the use of external storage card removable to increase the microSD card, except that the expandable memory enjoying very high popularity among the users and even if your Android phone does not contain a special slot for a card of microSD, you can still use card micro SD for storage space even greater.

Although the use of external storage card a microSD card for additional storage space is not easy, but it helps in the provision of internal storage space which will be limited to your smartphone, if your phone has a microSD card slot you can then save the pictures or music videos, the history of the internal space for apps and basic phone.

If your phone contains no microSD card slot you can use a USB OTG cable or use adapter microSD card adapter allows you to add a memory card external storage for your Android without a problem, moreover, you can move some apps to the storage unit, external but better to store music files, videos, images, and documents on the card micro SD and leave the apps on the phone.

3-cloud storage

If the images and the music picks up the phone’s internal memory, just move them to the cloud, and provide services like application the Google Photos cloud storage is free and Unlimited for your photos for life as long as they do not relate to 16-megapixel and you can transfer the videos with the sound with the options of backup and all of this is quickly.

As your music and songs can be stored on the internet through the application of Google Play Music and also enjoy listening to your favorite music and play songs that you want from services like Spotify and SoundCloud instead of putting it on your phone, but you should know that these services consume a lot of data so better to download the list of your favorite songs on Google Play Music to save some space on your phone and see the songs, go to investigate and then music and select Add Music > Add Music, After download, you can download up to 5,000 audio file of the song as you can make a list of songs operable when there is no internet connection.

In the end, however, some decisions are easy, like cleaning the phone and get rid of files and unnecessary applications that you don’t need the dependency on cloud services and options for expanding memory storage, you can be sure not to run out of space in your storage again, and if not the current area of your phone is satisfactory, then you can use the option to transfer files from your phone to your computer or investing in the adapter, Micro SD and so won’t show you the message that the phone is almost over.

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