3 ways to find your lost phone by using the Amazon Echo

It is common to lose anyone from his phone inside the House, has been leading a search for a long time to no avail. Certainly you can in this situation to ask someone to call your phone, but if you are alone at home you will need to find another way to find it. And if you have a device to Amazon Echo, you can ask the voice assistant Alexa to help you with that.

There are already three ways you can use your (Amazon Echo) Amazon Echo to find your lost phone through voice commands, but you’ll first need to adjust its settings in anticipation of such emergency situations.

The following are 3 ways to find your lost phone inside the house, using the Amazon Echo:

1 – activate the Find My Phone with Alexa:

Supports voice assistant (Alexa) Alexa feature (Find My Phone) that will help you in Finding Your Lost Phone, you can also add more than one phone number, in order to activate this feature you can follow the following steps:

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  • Scroll to the Apply (Alexa) Alexa.
  • From the menu, click on the section (skills and games) Skills & Games.
  • Search feature (Find My Phone), then tap on the option( enable the use) Enable To Use to activate it.

3 طرق للعثور على هاتفك المفقود باستخدام Amazon Echo

  • Win Amazon account on your own, then click on (Allow) Allow to grant access to your account.
  • Tell; the “Alexa, look for my phone”, and the first time you use this feature, you will ask Alexa your phone number, and send you a code composed of 4 numbers in a text message to confirm your ownership of the phone.
  • When you receive a text message inform the Alexa code, and then will start your phone ringing.

After the setup process, you won’t have to login or provide your phone number again, will be using this feature very easy, just say “Alexa; look for my phone”. Will Alexa connects to your phone to help you locate it.

2. use app TrackR to track your phone:

You can use the application TrackR, which is compatible with devices that rely on the assistant Alexa to track your phone in case lost, but will be required to first download the app on your phone, then set it up to connect it to your Echo.

After activating the app Trackr on your device, say “Alexa, ask the TrackR to find my phone”, you will lose you Alexa, entitled The last known location of your phone, and if I said, “Alexa, ask the TrackR to make my phone ring”, it will run exactly that.

3 – Ask Alexa to run music on your phone:

To make Alexa do so; you will need an account on the website IFTTT, which will also teach you how to connect all your devices together, here’s how to set it up:

  • Log in to IFTTT, and then type in the search bar located at the top and “Alexa”.
  • You will see a list of options for Alexa, click on each option “Alexa, start the music on my phone” to activate it.
  • After that; you will be prompted to login to an account (Amazon), Amazon, and enter your phone number. Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

When you lose your phone at home, all you have to do is steer this voice command device Amazon Echo, “Alexa, start the music on my phone.”

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