3 ways to follow the recommended Android Q Android Q the technique of the fifth generation

Contains Android Q A lot of additions and improvements stunts in the interface code, such as dark mode Dark Mode, but it also contains some additions to the background to help start the era of mobile phones with the fifth generation.

The Android Q A new potential for app developers to discover the speed of downloading user data and latency, as well as whether their contacts shared by telecom companies.

How does this help? With the upgrade the download speed the enormous promised by the telecommunications companies using the fifth-generation networks up to 1 gigabit per second, users will be able to get data much more quickly than before, allowing them to download the HD videos that take hours in seconds, but if the environment is not applications and operating systems advanced, modern and on the contrary will not respond to such high speeds.

Is expected to release the Google Android system Q Android Q later this year, and in this article we’ll explore 3 ways to adopt this system of networks of the fifth generation.

Developers make apps compatible
With a lot of data

Using the Android Q, you will have developers APIs can be used to detect more accurately the amount of data that can be sent to the user device and the extent of the latency that they face.

Can help application programming interfaces (APIs) in determining whether the application must download the origin of the small size of 5 MB or 100 MB is enormous, with more information about the potential contact, developers can make experiences more smooth and immersive, send the assets at the right moments which can improve the streaming media in general, but it also increases a lot of hiccups in gaming sessions over the internet.

Help users consumption
Less volume of data

Will these APIs for apps to discover whether it is measuring the user’s connection, such as whether the account can only download data up to a maximum send large data packages only when appropriate (high connection, unlimited data, sufficient battery, etc.).

Think of it as if you send a picture via email or text message, and asks whether you want to send the original file size or a size much smaller but in this case, the application of this decision on your behalf.

While some of these options, automatic keep your phone alive for a longer time, be for other options to help reduce the amount of data they consume, this is extremely important if you are using your package before the end of the month.

To distinguish the fifth-generation networks for
The rest of the network

Will Android Q also when users connect for the network of the fifth generation, this distinction is straightforward, but it should be noted that early in the race the fifth generation.

Old operating systems can’t distinguish the fifth-generation networks or even monitor it from the rest of other networks that you know, but with the upgrade to Android Q this will become possible.

And it comes just to get those high speeds, he knows when you’ll get it so you can send this file, large comfortably or play a game of hungry data without wondering about your connection.

It is understood that users will not see the features of the fifth generation of this for a while, especially since the networks of the fifth generation just starting to launch in very small areas.

The United States experienced the first network does not work directly in April, and we found that it has coverage in a small area at high speeds sometimes.

On the other hand, operates telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and even other countries in the region such as Morocco on the preparation of the fifth-generation networks to launch end of this year or early next year.

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