3 ways to help you reduce calls to automated Robocalls that get daily

It seems that the (automated phone calls) Robocalls have become one of the negative aspects of modern science, as the number of calls the mechanism that we use throughout the day to the highest level ever, and because of that receive these calls with great interest from governments, andtelecommunications companies, andtechnology companies.

Reports indicate the company YouMail that Americans have resigned up to 84 million calls a mechanism through 2018, an increase of 57% by 2017, has been ranked 37% of the it calls fraudulent. Between January and April of this year, conducted more than 20 million calls a mechanism, almost half of which was linked to the fraud.

The House of Representatives passed a bill that would stop all Robocalls, while the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal to prevent the telecom companies permission to be more stringent when you block these calls.

In the recently started the implementation of the technology (SHAKEN/STIR) by telecommunications companies, and mobile phones, which work to reduce these calls and the Prohibition of it, and added Apple feature a new operating system version iOS 13, which allows you to block all callers not known.

The function (calls automated) Robocalls in the delivery of a pre-recorded message to your phone encourages you to often to do something, sometimes the message of a political candidate, or a call from your bank to learn about the new service, but it’s the most disturbing is the fraudulent calls that users are exposed to many risks.

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Will be some time before the implementation of the proposal to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), so do not expect a significant reduction in unwanted calls overnight.

I don’t think all the calls the mechanism is illegal, the postulates of political campaigns, and charities are all allowed, but calls counterfeits are illegal, such as: calls mechanism received from the agents of the IRS, or companies that claim you’ve won a free vacation to the Bahamas.

Although it is not possible to prevent all Robocalls to your phone, there are some steps you can take to reduce the number of calls that you receive daily:

1. best practices to reduce the number of robocalls they receive every day:

According to the Federal Communications Commission; there are some easy steps that you can take to help reduce robocalls received:

  • Don’t answer calls from numbers prohibited or unknown.
  • Beware of incoming calls from local numbers are strange because they the trick.
  • Don’t answer any questions can be answered with “yes”.
  • If someone contacts you claimed that with XYZ company, make the call and contacted the police yourself, or get in on the company’s website to find the number official.
  • If you answer the call and request you to click on the number to access the official, close the line.

It should be noted that when you answer a call and interact with the voice message by pressing the number, you let this company know that your number is real, and then they can sell your number to another company, or start targeting your number frequently.

As to feature (to monitor calls before you answer them) Call Screen provided by Google in the system of Android, incompatible with the advice of the Federal Communications Commission, since this water not only to respond to the call, but it may interact with the caller, which may lead most likely to receive more calls. Although this feature of Google may be useful very often, unless you know that the phone number that is calling you is legit it is better not to reply.

Added Apple TV also iOS 13 a lot of new features, including: feature (silence anonymous calls) Silence Unknown Callers, which adds an option to forward calls from unknown numbers directly to voice mail.

When you run this feature, will voice assistant Siri Siri receive calls from numbers in Contacts, Mail, and messages only, and go to any other calls to voice mail, where it is assumed that the caller is unknown, and can leave a message, so you will have this water problem of the reception of important calls from numbers we do not save them on our phones.

2. check the telco services:

Provide all telecommunications companies wireless kind of services blocked calls for customers, some for free, but charges others a fee for the service.

For example, AT&T, the application holds the name (AT&T Call Protect) available to users of the operating systems iOSandAndroid. Prohibiting the free version calls, possibilities of, and telemarketing calls, as you can add numbers to the block list in the app, also provides a paid version (caller ID), numbers not known, with safety features the other phones.

Also offer Verizon application Call Filter; which does it automatically for users of the Android system on one of the plans, evaluates the features of the detected calls to random, the option of reporting numbers for free.

If you suffer from the problem of the calls are Robocalls a lot throughout the day you can communicate with a telecommunications company, to see if they offer a similar service, and how you can subscribe?

3. Use a third-party app:

3 طرق تساعدك على تقليل المكالمات الآلية Robocalls التي تصلك يوميًا

If the service provider application or service to reduce the number of calls, robocalls, or if its too expensive, there are a lot of third party apps available. Where can you find the application works on your device easily, and offers the advantage of call blocking mechanism, and spam calls are fraudulent, and can easily report any number to buy it.

There is the application of Hiya free, and users operating systems (iOS) and(Android), which is the development of the company itself, which developed an app Call Protect telecommunications company of America AT & T.

Cooperate Hiya with telecommunications companies, manufacturing companies of smart phones to offer solutions to the caller identification, and protection of calls to the mechanism of random customers, where the company offers service Smart Call phones Samsung which help users to identify the identity of callers is known, and to protect them constantly from anonymous calls.

Users can phones Samsung Galaxy Galaxy service activation built-in phone application by following these steps:

  • Go to (Settings) Settings on your phone.
  • Press the options (caller ID and spam protection) Caller ID and Spam Protection, and then follow the steps that appear on the screen to activate the service, and will provide you with this service for an easy way to report any number annoying.

Include other apps that provide similar features: the application YouMail, andRoboKiller, and are available to users of operating systems Android, and iOS.

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