3 ways to improve customer engagement and increase loyalty for your brand

Fall a lot of companies make the mistake of focusing on attracting new customers for the brand, where the focus of its strategy of marketing to attract customers without retention, whereas customer retention is equally important, if not the most important.

Depends earn the trust of customers, loyalty one of the main factors that determine the success of your brand, and their continuation in the competition, as well as to distinguish them from the rest of the other brands.


Suggest some stats to that the cost of acquiring a new client be higher from 5 to 25 times the cost of fraud to the work of the current, according to one study conducted by Bain & Company, the increased rates of retention of existing customers by 5% will help in increasing profits by 25% to 95%. This is because strategies to retain customers are paying off in the long run and help you in building a more stable business, where you sell your products, or your services to your current customers continuously.

After a customer purchases the product, or service that you offer, you should start building a good relationship with this client, by helping him learn how to use the product, and make the most out of it, where they need new customers to know the value of the product as soon as possible, and to teach them everything they need to know about the product you think is the best way to fulfill the promises of the sales, and meet customer expectations high.

Once the customer begins to realize the value of a product, will have a positive impression about your brand. After that; be the your main task is to strengthen those feelings satisfied, deepen his relationship with your company.

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The following are 3 ways to improve customer engagement, increase loyalty for your brand:

1. provide customer service quick response:

Think excellent customer service is the best way to retain customers, earn their loyalty, so be sure to have a team of customer service your company is available around the clock, fast response.

There is no doubt that attention to the social media platform, the interaction of a customer an important part of customer service that they offer, so if a customer communicate via the internet, there must be a fast reaction.

Make your goal is to respond to all inquiries within 4 hours or less, as well as follow-up correspondence, and inquiries in a timely manner. If the client is not happy to escalate any complaint, make sure you have checked the complaint fully, and offered a solution to his problem as soon as possible.

Finally, attention to the comments, and the opinions of customers by recording their observations, and review them periodically, and consider the comments on social media accounts invaluable data can help you determine the problems faced by the customer through the purchase journey, and to solve them, and build on those comments that your customers will know that you really care about their opinions and interests.

2 – Do communication proactive:

The customer likes to hear features, new products coming, because it gives them something exciting through the greater use, The appeared a new version, or update the home, make sure that the customers know that early. Communication is the proactive part of the life cycle of the client, and help to deepen his loyalty.

Responds people well when they can have access to a new version or product update in advance, the goal is not to let customers know what will happen, but provides you to anticipate the needs of future customers in a proactive manner, anticipating the types of assistance that clients would need to, you can provide more personalized service.

No doubt to inform the customers of any news or information early is the basis of communication proactive, for example: if the development teams own your brand working on the development of new features, see the customer at the rate of how of the workflow. Scientists are interested in whether your team meets the deadlines, and whether the product version is going according to plan, they will provide status updates frequently, so be sure to tell them anything that might lead to a delay of the delivery date, so you can avoid not keeping your promises.

Include the ways the practice of communication proactive contact multiple across all marketing channels to your organization such as: to send notifications, or respond via social media, or communicate by telephone with customers, as it shows that your company cares for them, provides transparency, and confidence-building, this is a great way to deepen the customer relationship.

Even if I let the client forum, there were still opportunities to take advantage of this situation by communicating with, and recognize the mistakes that can be corrected to improve on your current customers, showing them the idea of giving up your brand in the future.

3 – help the customer to build community:

If successful in establishing the brand high-quality product, or a service, it’s a wonderful thing, but do you have a group of customers who enjoy using and discuss your products as a society? Of course I don’t want the customer to feel that they are the only ones who deal with your brand, they want to feel like they are part of something bigger – community Community – and there are others who share the same experience.

That’s why you should care, and facilitate the construction of the pool to your customers, wherever they wish to trade you can encourage them to participate in the forums, or on social media platforms, or even by holding conferences and meetings personal.

Communities of customers enhance their experience, giving them a place to exchange ideas, and learn new ideas through collaboration with in problem solving, and inspire each other. You may use this groups forum to develop their own innovations, which adds real value for your brand is priceless.


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