3 ways to improve the effectiveness of phone calls, marketing

Think phone calls, marketing that takes place at random – which is called the (cold calls) Cold Calls – from the oldest traditional methods used in the promotion of products or services, where officials say the sales network to communicate by telephone with a large number of potential customers, and through the use of lists with many phone numbers compiled from several sources.

Decreased importance of phone calls to marketing after the spread of channels of e-marketing and prosperity, but this does not necessarily mean that companies using this type of calls to promote their products, or their services, where can the tools currently available to help you in good planning, strategy, telemarketing, and implementation to promote sales.

Here are 3 ways to help you improve the effectiveness of phone calls for marketing:

1 – use the insights data Insights:

The company (Tech Target), published a study about the importance of relying on the insights of the data; to improve the effectiveness of the telemarketing in companies that sell their services or products to other companies (B2B Businesses), and this study lasted 4 weeks, and the results that phone calls marketing, which is conducted based on insights data, led to an increase in sales opportunities compared to calls that are conducted randomly.

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Leads to rely on the data to the possibility to customize scenarios for specific calls and marketing, so that they fit the behavior of each agent of potential customers, which increases the chances of convincing them, thus increasing the sales ratio, as shown by the results of the study to increase the possibility of scheduling interviews with clients, when making calls marketing depends on the data at a rate 19 times higher than the random calls.

We conclude from this that owning big data is not the only the only guarantee for the success of companies, where most companies huge databases include contacts in very large numbers of customers, but the most important is to use appropriate tools to analyze this data, and convert them to patterns concept can be exploited to understand the behavior of customers, and improve the effectiveness of communication with potential customers, promote sales performance.

Help you software predictive to take advantage of big data is large, and mostly software is good on 3 data points, is: (Statement of fitness) Fit the Data, and(data of opportunity) Opportunity Data, and(statements of intent) Intent Data.

Help you convenience data in to determine whether potential customers are eligible to buy products or services that you sell to your company, with detailed statements about the quality of the customer, whether they are individuals or companies, the Data section of allowing you to know when decide clients purchase, while helping your statements of intention to confirm the intention of the customer to buy, by tracking their behavior on the internet.

2. development of sales tactics, to convince the customer:

Wouldn’t rely on the insights the data alone, to enhance the efficiency of phone calls, marketing effectiveness, but must have interest in offering your products or services to potential customers, and convince them to buy, hence the importance of improving the methods of sales representatives you have.

I don’t prefer to rely on models or scenarios text ready to make calls with potential customers, but officials must sales mastering the skill of conversation management spontaneously, where the scenarios are text ready-made may give the impression to the client that it is talking with a machine.

Also be careful to be calls with customers interactive, not just a presentation my voice for your products or services, prefer to ask questions to them, listening to their answers, with jot down any important notes that might be useful in the completion of the sales process later.

3 – continuity in the follow-up with customers:

Dr. (James are) published a study about the management responses to potential clients, in 2007, included analysis of several aspects of comparison such as: the day of the procedure phone calls to marketing and timing, response time to the customer, although a review of this study and audited several times, but the results remained constant at all time.

It has been shown from the results of this study having success factor is fixed in each case, which is the persistence and continuity in the follow-up communication with the customer, because most of the sales representatives may surrender and stop follow up with clients after a procedure or a phone call.

Advised to continue follow-up with clients even schedule an interview, action may be required more than 6 phone calls to be a very strong relationship with the potential customer, gain trust, and then persuade him to buy your products or services.

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