3 ways to restore deleted contacts iPhone

Whether to delete the contacts from the system update or make fun of you, whether you keep a backup copy of your data or not, here are 3 ways to restore contacts iPhone iPad:

1) by iCloud

If you have maintained your contacts on iCloud, you can restore what you deleted by going to Settings (Settings) > Your Name > iCloud, then slide the ribbon in front of the contacts to close and select “keep on iPhone” or (Keep On my iPhone), and then pass the tape again to activate the Contacts Sync, and select Merge (Merge) From the pop-up menu, as after a period must be used to determine what to delete, you can’t them you can try to remove the account iCloud with retaining the data and then add it again and choose to merge data.

2) by iTunes

If you have saved a backup using iTunes, recovering its so easy; you link the iPhone to the computer and launched iTunes, then click on the tab hardware Device and select the icon of the iPhone, then enter the Summary of the side menu, and then choose Restore Backup from the box on the right, and select from among the backups saved on computer to restore contacts.

3) third-party software

If not backed up you can restore what you deleted him from the contacts and pictures via third-party apps in this regard refer to this article.

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