3 ways to send messages with anyone on WhatsApp without add it first as a contact

We use here several ways through which you will be able to communicate with someone in WhatsApp without add it as a contact.

3 طرق للتراسل مع أحدهم في واتساب دون إضافته كجهة اتصال أولًا3 ways to send messages with anyone on WhatsApp without add it as a contact first.

Is WhatsApp “WhatsApp” messaging application of the first among the multitude of users in the world, began his career more than ten years ago from now, however, the court still allow us to chat only with the contacts, and messaging with someone new, you must first save it in your contacts list, and then start the conversation with him immediately synced with Whatsapp.

But if you want to bypass this limitation and to chat immediately, there are many ways that allow you to that, and that’s our theme for the day, if you are an interested and assume that, proceed reading until the end.

The first way: use a link wa.me Your was

Provide service WhatsApp through the official messaging with a contact that is not reserved, but not within the app, but a review link to a particular service, you use one of the web browsers that recognize it, and directly go to this link “https://wa.me/phonenumber”, and replace the word “phonenumber” although to his conversation, with the country code and the region, and without the “+” OR “-” or “()” or “00”, you’ll get a web page with the code letter is green, clicking on it will open the conversation with a phone number.

The second way: Use Applications

If the way above is a bit confusing, you can simply use one of the apps that work on speeding up things, to use this app “link in the wa.me ” but without any of the complexities of, for example, you don’t have to write the URL or password via web browser, all you have to do is enter the phone number and pressing the button, and you will be taken to the chat in WhatsApp.

And our choice for these applications, you can use the application, Click to chat on the Android, which comes with size 113 KB and contains no ads or permissions, the Easy Message is another alternative, and does not come with any ads but there is limited permissions.

Download Application Click to chat on Android.

Download application Easy Message on Android.

The second way: through action to select text

This may be the way is the least famous among the above methods, which can be said about them as easiest, fastest, most integrated, the most important of their requirements is only the presence of the figure you have “Icon + Plus country code”, after that select the dance “as you usually do with the option select text”, and by clicking on the button “three points” next to the copy-paste options and, you will notice an option to “send a message via WhatsApp”, you only need to tested and start chatting.

We noted, that this method works on phones Pixel camera and Android Wen working Issue “9 and 10”, as well as work on some brands such as Huawei, Samsung and OnePlus.

Finally, it should be these solutions are useful, especially when it comes to making short conversations with strangers or talks is not frequent, it is not clear why this limitation is imposed by WhatsApp, however you can use the ways above to complete the task.

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