30 application and Android game paid become free temporarily (78)

Waiting in the store Google Play apps and games paid heavily funded, which makes its developer it free for a limited time, and we’ll show you dear follow tic Voight in this series group of them, so be on Near always!

Note: the application of the Les shown below will be available for free for a limited time, has become paid back if what I read in the late, also that the application developer may have to specify certain states have to offer.


  1. Lunescope Moon Viewer – simulate the interactive three-dimensional Moon.
  2. Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad) – exercise at home, with the animated three-dimensional to two
  3. Music Player Pro – Player Audio Professional in different formats

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  1. Chess Art for Kids (No Ads) – Bagatur Engine
  2. Superheroes Junior: Robo Fighting – Offline Game
  3. A-2481
  4. Pocket World VIP: Island of Adventure
  5. Super God Blade VIP : Spin the Ultimate Top!
  6. Sword Knights : Ghost Hunter (idle rpg)
  7. Word Chess PRO
  8. 4Goats Forever
  9. Dungeon Shooter V1.3 : The Forgotten Temple
  10. Grow Heroes Vip : Idle RPG
  11. Path of Survival
  12. Sudden Warrior Plus (Tap RPG)
  13. Super Chief Cook \_(ツ)_/
  14. The Lonely Hacker
  15. Airline CEO: Premium
  16. Cash Knight Ruby Special
  17. FASTAR VIP – Shooting Star Rhythm Game
  18. Sudoku Deluxe VIP
  19. Fit Toon – Series 1
  20. Infinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPG
  21. Mind Games Pro
  22. Space Shooter: Alien vs Galaxy Attack (Premium)
  23. The Lost Ship

Backgrounds and line of:

  1. Space Symphony 3D Pro LWP
  2. Cornie – Icon Pack
  3. Minty Icons Pro
  4. Noizy – Icon Pack

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