331 Japanese trader has earned a million dollars last year

Cryptocurrency 2018 Consensus conference, which was held last week in new York, over a lush party. Guests had a contest with a prize Fund in the form of two sports cars Aston Martin, as well as shows with naked girls and one naked man in the bear mask.

It now appears that a similar event can afford traders from Japan — and they don’t even have to chip in with colleagues from other countries. According to the National tax Agency of the country (NTA), last year 331, the trader earned over a million dollars to trade with digital money. This writes the CCN.

How to make money on bitcoin. Master class of Japanese

Last year, the amount paid in tax NTA increased by only 3 percent compared with the year 2016, said the Minister. A profit of over a million dollars registered 29 thousand citizens and temporary residents. Of these, 549 people have earned money on the trading of securities and investment.

According to the publication, in February the Japanese government has threatened to impose a tax of 55 percent of the total operating profit from cryptocurrencies. So investors try to disclose their income — but only partially, told CCN consultant technology company Hiroyuki Komiya.

Traders still do not understand what operations are taxed — the government has not yet released a clear explanation for this reason. Therefore, the profit of 331 million dollars is only part of the real amount, which the Japanese earned on cryptocurrency transactions.

I hope soon Russian traders will earn millions of dollars a year. Surely they are already doing, just not telling anyone.

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