3700 kilometers per hour. Virgin Galactic showed a concept supersonic passenger plane

Today to move quickly from one point to another planet without traffic jams and other difficulties, just buy a plane ticket. Within a few hours of flight time to sleep, watch a movie and do other things. But, agree, it would be much better if moving across the sky took even less time. To achieve this goal, many companies around the world are trying to develop supersonic aircraft that would be able to transport people hundreds of miles in just a few minutes. At the moment in this area is a real race and recently it became known that she joined the company Virgin Galactic and Rolls-Royce. Despite many years of development, ready for flight of a supersonic passenger aircraft still does not exist. But this couple has all chances for fast development of high-grade apparatus. And all because Virgin Galactic is able to create unusual vehicles, and Rolls-Royce already have large experience with supersonic aircraft.

The concept of supersonic plane Virgin Galactic

New supersonic aircraft

About the concept of a supersonic aircraft for Virgin Galactic to carry passengers were told on the official website of the company. The speed of sound is equal to 1192 kilometres an hour, that is, the Union of the two companies need to develop a device that develops an even greater rate. The developers are confident that they will reach this figure and the plane can fly at speed 3672 kilometers per hour. They also believe that the final version of the aircraft must climb to an altitude of 18 kilometers and accommodate 9 to 19 passengers. Quick flights will not be able to afford only very rich people, so the cabin will be equipped at the level of business class.

Also producers it is important that a supersonic aircraft was placed in any airport

Interesting fact: the Speed in 3672 kilometers per hour very large and difficult to reach. Before you fly at this speed could only reconnaissance Lockheed SR-71, which was established in 1964 and decommissioned in 1998.

The aircraft will operate on some “new generation fuel”, but what exactly it is, is still unknown. Company, Virgin Galactic, and Rolls-Royce seek to ensure that aircraft do not pollute the air. About using electric motors on the huge passenger airplanes may not be out of the question, because lifting such a weight and overcome long distances at supersonic power requires a large amount of energy. And at the moment batteries are only enough for small flying vehicles like ionBird, which is also developed by Rolls-Royce. So, at the moment of fuel supersonic aircraft, almost nothing is known.

Electric plane ionBird from Rolls-Royce

A follower of the aircraft “Concorde”

That the Union of these two companies can do something, believe because of their large experience in the field of aviation. Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004 and during that time managed to develop one of the most unusual aircraft in the world. This, of course, talking about the spacecraft VSS Unity for tourist flights into space. It is able to orbit our planet for up to six passengers and used for research. Inside there are cameras that shoot stunts performed by travelers in zero gravity. The first commercial space flight cost about 250 thousand dollars from people to take place in 2021.

Read more about salon VSS Unity can be read in this material. And Yes, there is a huge mirror with a special purpose!

The company Rolls-Royce is also very big experience with the aircraft. And not aby what, and with supersonic aircraft designed to transport passengers. Yes, develop the device is not the first of its kind — back in 1976 in operation was introduced supersonic aircraft “Concorde”. He could speed up to 2440 kilometers per hour and could transport people from London to new York in 3 hours and 20 minutes. These aircraft, which provided twice as fast flight, was built 20 pieces. For 27 years, they have transported more than 3 million passengers.

The supersonic aircraft “Concorde”

During the development of the aircraft “Concorde”, the company Rolls-Royce was responsible for creating the engine. The acquired knowledge will be very useful in the work on a supersonic machine Virgin Galactic. Moreover, during the operation “Concord” company has clearly learned many lessons because this unit is quite problematic. The main problem was the rise in price of fuel but in the new project, this problem will be solved using a new source of energy. Also, after many years, the reputation of “the Concorde” was severely tarnished by the crash, which claimed the lives of 113 people. In 2003, supersonic planes were taken out of service.

The ticket price for supersonic aircraft

It turns out that the experience of a Rolls-Royce is well placed to help Virgin Galactic to create a supersonic apparatus. Other details about the future of the aircraft is not, but anonymous sources report that the ticket would cost about 5,000 dollars, which at the current rate is more than 350 000 rubles. This amount seems quite real, because the ticket “there-back” on the aircraft “Concorde” was worth $ 10,500. So, at least reported in Forbes.

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The development of supersonic aircraft for the carriage of passengers by other companies. For example, the case busy at the moment, the Union of Boeing and Aerion. At the moment we know that their aircraft can accelerate to 1671 kilometers per hour, commercial production will begin in 2023, and the first flights will be made in 2025. Read more about this aircraft you can read in this article.

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